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New Release Book Review: Fleeting Moments by Rania Battany

Title: Fleeting Momentsfleeting moments small

Author: Rania Battany

Published: July 11th 2019

Publisher: Aquiver Publishing

Pages: 288

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

RRP: $3.99 (e book)

Rating: 4 stars

Maya is floundering. She’s stuck in a dead-end job, is isolated from family and friends, and her father—the only person to ever truly understand her—has been gone four years. When her boyfriend leaves her for another woman, the rocky foundations of Maya’s life crumble to dust, and she sinks even further into the pit of grief and despair.

Until she meets him. Sam. The one with the animated smile and gentle eyes, who always sees the positive no matter how bad the negative. Sam reignites Maya’s passion with his enthusiastic outlook and helps to rebuild her life, piece by piece.

But when ghosts from Maya’s past resurface, her decisions almost destroy the few important relationships she has left, and the happiness she’s so recently found is threatened. She must overcome her demons and decide what matters most—the familiarity of the past, or the hope, love and possibilities of the future.


Author Rania Battany poses some thought provoking questions in her novel, Fleeting Moments. An emotional story that packs a punch, Fleeting Moments considers the impact of loss, heartbreak, family estrangement, loneliness, career crisis and uncertainty.

Imagine if your life was at its lowest point and all you have to keep going are the ‘fleeting moments’. These glimpses of hope and happiness are what drives Maya, the central character in Rania Battany’s latest novel. While Maya struggles to stay motivated in her job, which seems to be going nowhere, she is also dealing with loneliness. With next to no friends or family to lean on, Maya’s life’s hits rock bottom when her relationship breaks down due to infidelity. It sends Maya, who is already is a dark place, spiralling into an abyss of unhappiness. But there is light at the end of this tunnel, when a man appears in Maya’s life, at just the right time. This man, Sam, is exactly what Maya needs, but she is the only one who refuses to see it. Will this gentle soul help Maya overcome her insecurities and past grievances?

Life lit is one of my favourite sub genres and it is really getting a fabulous boost thanks to the many talented Australian contemporary fiction novelists that grace our publishing sector. Rania Battany is a new face to me, but she has written two full length novels, with another romantic drama on its way. What struck me most about Fleeting Moments was Battany’s intention for this novel. Battany states:

“With Fleeting Moments, I wanted to create a heroine that was flawed, and Maya is seriously flawed. I often read stories with strong, independent and powerful woman, and while these characters empower others, I can never relate. I wanted to create a character who had to fight her way to happiness after loss, not only of a loved one but the loss of connection with themselves and others – the loss of self identity and relationships.”

Battany has certainly captured these feelings and more in her novel. Fleeting Moments is a sensitive tale, full of life’s bruises and knocks. It is presented in an emotional, but very real format, so the reader is able to relate at many points.  This is the key to a successful life lit novel in my eyes and Battany has nailed it.

What was interesting about Maya, the central character in Fleeting Moments,  is that the author has intentionally decided to present her lead in a less favourable light. Maya will get under your skin, she will test you, make you laugh, cry and ball your fists together in anger. However, what she experiences is the harsh reality of life in our contemporary world. We will all unfortunately experience loss, heartbreak, relationship tensions and for many, life can be a lonely one in our tech savy world. We can doubt ourselves, make ill choices and refuse to accept happiness when it comes our way. This is just a glimpse of what to expect when selecting Fleeting Moments to read.

It may sound like Fleeting Moments is a bleak occasion, but be rest assured, there is plenty of light, which comes from the Sam, a ray of sunshine and Maya’s love interest. There are other glimpses throughout the novel that Maya’s life is about to improve, but she needs to accept it – which is half the battle!

Fleeting Moments will rattle you to your emotional core, it will twist you every which way, but it is a subtle reminder – in the guise of an engaging life lit style narrative, that life isn’t always hearts and roses. Life is tough, but we can make the most of things to achieve a happier existence – if we let others in and broaden our horizons. I recommend Fleeting Moments to fans of contemporary fiction.

Fleeting Moments by Rania Battany was published on 11th July 2019. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Fleeting Moments, Rania Battany, visit here.

Fleeting Moments is book #103 of the 2019 Australian Women Writers Challenge



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