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New Release Book Review: Bad Girl Reputation by Elle Kennedy

Title: Bad Girl Reputation

Author: Elle Kennedy

Published: October 4th 2022

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Pages: 320

Genres: Fiction, Adult, Romance

RRP: $22.99

Rating: 3 stars

The second book in New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy’s addictive and romantic Avalon Bay series

Return to Avalon Bay in this sexy second chance story about two exes who can’t stay away from each other . . .

When former bad girl Genevieve West returns home for her mother’s funeral, she’s prepared to keep her distance from her ex-boyfriend, Evan Hartley. Their history is rife with turbulence. And passion. A heck of a lot of passion . . . which she’s trying desperately to forget.

But it’s impossible not to run into Evan in the small coastal town where they once ran wild. And the moment she sees her gorgeous ex again, it’s clear to Gen that Evan is still as unruly, sexy and irresistible as ever. This time around, however, she’s resolved to walk a new path. No more partying. No more foolish mistakes. Her plan is to temporarily remain in town to help her father run his business, but the second he finds somebody else, she’s out of there.

Evan has other ideas. He knows they can be good together, but he just has to convince Genevieve of that, even if it means turning over a new leaf himself. But can a bad reputation ever truly be shed? Do second chances really work? Genevieve and Evan are about to find out.


The bestselling author of the Briar U and Off-Campus series returns with Bad Girl Reputation. The second novel in the Avalon Bay series, Bad Girl Reputation is a story of family, relationships, the past, love, connections, starting over and forgiveness. Fun, lively and alluring, Bad Girl Reputation is a novel perfect for admirers of second chance or past lovers adult romance stories.

Meet Genevieve, a self-confessed bad girl. When Gen returns home following the death of her mother, she knows she must steer clear from Evan, her old boyfriend. This former couple had quite a toxic and stormy relationship. Despite their rocky relationship, the lust and passion between them still lingers. Even though both parties have moved on, it is hard to forget a relationship of this nature. In a small community like Avalon Bay, it is impossible to avoid people. When Gen and Evan cross paths again the spark is instant. Evan is exactly how Gen remembers him – fit, seductive and reckless. Gen is determined not to get sucked into Evan’s world, she wants to live a quieter life. Despite Gen’s initial resistance at rekindling her relationship with Evan, she slowly begins to fall for his charms again. But appearances, the past and fate all have a part to play in this risky romance.

Elle Kennedy may be a well known face on social media platforms, especially Instagram, but she is a new addition to my reading list. I’ve been curious about the popularity of this New York Times bestselling author for some time now and an opening in a recent readalong provided me with the opportunity to explore the work of the writer of the smash hit Good Girl Complex.

A rather time poor reading schedule meant that I was unable to fit in Good Girl Complex before Bad Girl Reputation. Although it is possible to read Bad Girl Reputation as a standalone, I highly recommend you try your hardest to read Good Girl Complex as I definitely felt out of the loop. Bad Girl Reputation is Gen and Evan’s story told in a paired form of narration, but the broad cast are known to readers who have read Good Girl Complex. I did enjoy following Gen and Evan’s renewed romance, but I did feel as though I was missing something. For those who enjoy adult tone second chance or past lovers style romance stories, this is one you should definitely put on your radar. A quirky set piece, readers will find Kennedy’s canopy theme of growing up and maturing, in addition to issues of alcohol abuse, mental illness, grief, loss, notoriety, gossip, trust and friendship to be of interest. The heat factor is quite significant Bad Girl Reputation, so do expect plenty of sizzle. Character wise, Gen is a bold, defiant and strong young woman. Evan was well matched to Gen and I could see the outcome of their relationship revival. The periphery cast are integrated perfectly into the main series of events. The coastal backdrop was one area that I gave an instant tick of approval to, I just love small beachside community settings.

Bad Girl Reputation is one of the most fashionable books on social media right now and I’m glad I gave it a go.

Bad Girl Reputation by Elle Kennedy is published by Hachette Australia on October 4th 2022. $22.99.


To learn more about the author of Bad Girl Reputation, Elle Kennedy visit here.

*Thanks is extended to Hachette Australia for providing a free copy of this book for review purposes.



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