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New Release Book Review: Her Outback Home by Leanne Lovegrove

Title: Her Outback Home

Author: Leanne Lovegrove

Published: September 16th 2022

Publisher: Leanne Lovegrove

Pages: 297

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 4 stars

How far would you go to save your family home?

Hannah Wallace is totally committed to save Boondaburra Bush Resort at Carnarvon Gorge, except the resort is struggling. She’s also cared for her father and brother, since their mother left 18 years ago. Life is tough but she’s determined to succeed where her mother failed.

Jackson Kelly is a property developer, and he’s set on making the bush resort his next big project. Growing up with a single mother and his own health issues, failure is not an option.

Jackson arrives at Boondaburra certain of securing the sale but doesn’t expect the hurricane that is Hannah. Her conservation knowledge matches her passion to save the world, igniting a sizzling attraction.

With neither prepared to back down, can they resolve their opposing positions?

Set in the rugged outback of Queensland, it’s a battle between the loveable environmental crusader and the modern developer. Who will win and can they love each other in the process?


Small town romance author Leanne Lovegrove returns with her latest heart-warming release, Her Outback Home. A story of family, romance, the land, community, cultural protection, environmentalism and mental health challenges, Her Outback Home is a crowd-pleaser.

Meet Hannah Wallace, a hardworking woman who is one hundred percent committed to saving her family’s bush based resort. This stunning locale at Carnarvon Gorge is taking a downward tumble due to a number of factors, but Hannah is determined to see her family’s business thrive not falter. Hannah’s life is full of challenges caring for her brother and father following the departure of their mother almost two decades ago, but Hannah is one tough cookie. Her Outback Home also follows Jackson Kelly, a man with big plans for Hannah’s resort. When this big shot property developer collides with Hannah, sparks fly. But Jackson is a man haunted by his past and personal health issues, will this create a divide between them? The future of the Boondaburra Bush Resort hangs in the balance – how will it all end?

I was very happy to receive a lovely message from Australian country romance author Leanne Lovegrove, extending an opportunity to read her latest book, Her Outback Home. I’ve been a fan of this Brisbane based author’s work for over four years now and I have enjoyed every single Leanne Lovegrove title I have read. After reading a number of reviews for Her Outback Home, the consensus seems to be that this novel is a real page turner. I am pleased to report that these reviews are absolutely spot-on, Her Outback Home was a consuming read from start to finish.

It is great to see an author draw our attention to pertinent issues such as environmental protection, cultural preservation, land ownership and the beauty of our nation’s natural landscape within a novel presentation. Her Outback Home is a story that tackles these topics head-on, in the form of an engaging narrative. I felt I gained a great deal of respect, appreciation and passion for these areas of Australian life, with particular relevance to more remote based townships. Lovegrove does an excellent job of illuminating the main setting base of Boondaburra Bush Resort and the surrounding area of Carnarvon Gorge for her readership. I could definitely picture this very evocative landscape image in my mind, thanks to Lovegrove’s immersive prose.

The main character of Lovegrove’s latest rural treat is Hannah Wallace. Hannah is quite an independent and dominant figure. I was able to sympathise with Hannah’s life immediately and my heart went out to her family situation. I had a strong desire throughout the novel to see Hannah succeed and overcome her setbacks. This aspect of Her Outback Home really compelled me to read on and it also tugged at my heartstrings. Lovegrove gifts her audience with some very authentic characters and it was a pleasure to follow the whole cast on their memorable pathways to an eventual happy ever after. A special mention also to Jackson Kelly, the male lead protagonist who brings some very pertinent storyline elements to Her Outback Home.

Romance and passion is Leanne Lovegrove’s speciality. Her Outback Home features a fabulous enemies to lovers style storyline. There are some definite fireworks between Jackson and Hannah, which will satisfy romance fans. The heat, passion, opposition, obvious tension and simmering attraction drives this novel is a fast-moving direction. I know I found the emotions and feelings associated with this love story a joy to read. As with any rural romance tale, the romance plot featured in Her Outback Home is not without its challenges and Lovegrove issues her lead characters with a few. From a bushfire, to development plans, environmental pressures, family pressures, finances and health problems, this couple face quite an uphill challenge. The road to happy ever after is touching and I was glad to be a part of this epic love story.

With plenty of family drama, love struggles, personal life strains and up-to-date environmental issues, Her Outback Home is a highly consuming rural fiction release.

Her Outback Home by Leanne Lovegrove was published on 16th September 2022. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Her Outback Home, Leanne Lovegrove, visit here.

*With thanks to the author, Leanne Lovegrove, for providing me with a copy of this novel, in exchange for an honest review.

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