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#Blog Tour – While You Were in the Country by Eva Scott

Title: While You Were in the Country

Author: Eva Scott

Published: August 3rd 2022

Publisher: HQ Fiction AU

Pages: 432

Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

RRP: $29.99

Rating: 4 stars

He’s finally met The One … and she’s dating his brother.

Ant Murphy has spent his life picking up after his AFL star brother. So when he gets a phone call telling him that Jed has ended up in hospital after a drink-driving incident, he’s far from surprised. He’s not even shocked by Jed’s manager’s wild scheme to have him spend the next six weeks living in the country with a girlfriend Ant didn’t even know about. All par for the course in his brother’s crazy life.

In fact, Ant isn’t thrown by anything … until he turns up at the new girlfriend’s farmhouse and discovers that he already knows her. Intimately.

Frankie Fox has dealt with a lot over the last few weeks. She’s turned thirty, lost her roof in a storm, been ghosted by someone she thought could be The One, and is now somehow dating her longstanding celebrity crush, THE Jed Murphy. But none of these comes close to the blow of having the guy who ghosted her turn up on her doorstep after weeks of silence … and for him to turn out to be Jed’s brother.

With a secret she’s forbidden from revealing, growing feelings for her boyfriend’s brother, two Murphys living in her home and her future happiness on the line, Frankie must ask the most important question of all: is all this trouble really worth a new roof?

Inspired by While You Were Sleeping, this rural romantic comedy asks what happens when The One isn’t quite who you expected …


Tasmanian resident and bestselling author Eva Scott makes another wonderful contribution to the rural set romantic comedy genre with her new release, While You Were in the Country. A book inspired by the classic and much loved 1995 movie While You Were Sleeping, this fresh title from one of Australia’s most honoured rural romance specialists will cast a spell on readers!

While You Were in the Country is the tale of two brothers and a woman stuck in the middle of a love triangle. Ant Murphy is the caring and reliable brother, who always has his brother’s back. But when Jed takes his high-flying lifestyle a step too far, he ends up in a drink driving accident. In order to recoup and gain some much-needed semblance in his life, Jed is sent to the country on a sabbatical with his new girlfriend. However, when Ant meets his brother’s new girlfriend, he is shocked. It turns out that Ant knows his brother’s girlfriend a little too well. Sparks fly when Ant and Frankie cross paths again. Frankie is still reeling from Ant’s mystery disappearance after they hit it off a few weeks ago. Now this young woman finds her heart torn in pieces by both Murphy brothers. With secrets, omissions, high emotions and difficult decisions to make, who will Frankie choose?

I’m really loving Australian rural romance author Eva Scott’s 1990s rom com inspired book revivals. After awarding Eva Scott’s previous release five stars, I was incredibly excited to read While You Were in the Country. This time around Eva Scott has linked Sandra Bullock’s much loved 1995 movie While You Were Sleeping to her latest rural romance comedy. This marriage between a cult movie classic and an Australian rural romance novel seems to be a winning formula for Eva Scott!

Love triangles are always great romance tropes and this one involves two brothers who are both involved with the same girl. It didn’t take long for me to develop a connection to Frankie, the heroine of this tale. I was soon in tune with Frankie’s feelings, misgivings, worries and personal hang-ups as Eva Scott’s consuming plot progressed. Frankie is a character who is literally torn in two different and distinct pieces thanks to her relationship with the two Murphy brothers. I definitely would not want to be in Frankie’s position, it sure was a tough one in the love stakes! Eva Scott explores the relationship dynamic between the two male siblings and their love for the same woman really well within the pages of While You Were in the Country. In Ant we have a wonderful paperback hero, a man who inherently cares for his brother and family, despite their misgivings. I loved this part about Ant. While his brother Jed, the other romantic interest in this tale, is colourful and complicated. Eva Scott brings our attention to issues of alcohol abuse, personal health and responsibility through Jed’s character. These themes, which accompany other side focal points such as economics and land pressures are handled well by Eva Scott.

Aside from the appealing protagonist set in While You Were in the Country, there are a gaggle of fun-loving animals that bring some extra light and laughter to Eva Scott’s rural drama. The hobby farm aspect of While You Were in the Country allows Scott to insert some key animal personalities into the narrative arc. Readers will find this area of the story contributes plenty of energy, entertainment and amusement to Eva Scott’s delightful rural yarn. The setting is in line with the narrative, enchanting readers with some much-needed country charm and respite. I know I valued my page-based trip to the Aussie countryside depicted in While You Were in the Country. Romance is around every corner in Eva Scott’s latest, reminding us that love is full of chaos, surprises and remarkable moments.

Eva Scott has secured her place as Australia’s leading writer in the field of film infused rural romance fiction thanks to her magical new novel, While You Were in the Country.

While You Were in the Country by Eva Scott was published on 3rd August 2022 by HQ Fiction AU. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of While You Were in the Country, Eva Scott, visit here.

*I wish to thank Harlequin Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

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