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New Release Book Review: 12 Weeks of June by Rania Battany

Title: 12 Weeks of June

Author: Rania Battany

Published: April 1st 2022

Publisher: Independent

Pages: 310

Genres:  Fiction, Romance, Historical, Contemporary

Rating: 4 stars

One cafe. Two couples. Many secrets.

All Chloe wanted was an eternal love – like that of her grandparents’. What she got was a broken heart and a rude reminder of single life in the digital age.

After her fiancé leaves, Chloe decides to re-invent the cafe her grandmother June opened in 1959. There, buried amongst her grandmother’s possessions in the abandoned building, lie long-hidden secrets. Secrets that could shatter everything Chloe believes about love … and her grandparents.

1959: Arthur comes from the wrong side of the city. It’s never been an issue … until he fell in love with the beautiful and wealthy June.

There are many reasons to stay away, but when June asks Arthur to renovate her dream tearoom, Arthur doesn’t say no. Each week he falls more in love with a woman who cannot be his, but his heart refuses to listen, and he finds himself doing what no honest man should do – keep secrets to be with the one he loves.


Independent author Rania Battany has delved into the world of dual timeline fiction with her historical crossed with contemporary fiction release 12 Weeks of June. A story of timeless love, secrets, the past and fulfilment, 12 Weeks of June is an enjoyable novel that I highly recommend.

Featuring two timelines, 2018 and 1959, 12 Weeks of June follows Chloe in the modern-day frame as she nurses a broken heart. As Chloe learns to embrace single life in an increasingly disconnected and digital world, a sense of purpose and distraction comes in the form of a café renovation project. While helping refurbish her family’s café to its former glory, Chloe stumbles across a life altering secret that strikes at the very heart of her family lineage. Chloe knows no matter how hard this half truth is to accept she must confront her grandparents. Travelling back in time to the year 1959, we meet Arthur a young man from the wrong side of the tracks who falls head over heels in love with June, a woman from a very affluent family. As Arthur works hard to build June’s dream tearoom, he grows closer to her. But many problems stand in the way of this burgeoning relationship. Arthur will need to keep a big secret if he is to find long standing happiness with June.  Will Chloe, Arthur and June listen to their hearts?

I first came across Australian author Rania Battany almost three years ago when I was extended an opportunity to read Battany’s release at the time, Fleeting Moments. Now a few years on, I welcomed the chance to read Battany’s first foray in the dual timeline style of fiction. I’m a big fan of this genre and I was really looking forward to delving into 12 Weeks of June. I wasn’t disappointed, Battany’s latest release was a fantastic set piece.

Chloe is the central protagonist of Battany’s more current day timeline, which is set in 2018. I found it easy to connect with Chloe and I really felt a sense of sympathy for this poor woman. With a broken heart to deal with and other issues to contend with, Battany has presented her audience with a highly connective character. I was keen to follow along with Chloe’s story and I had high hopes that she would find her feet again after a pretty hard knock. Battany teases out the present-day problems of her lead well and I found plenty of connection to Chloe’s plight.

The historical timeline based in 1959 was very well researched and appreciated Battany’s period detail in this section of the narrative. I also appreciated the Australian focus of this historical thread. The timeless and difficult love story in this section of the story is presented with a good serving of heart and soul. I found a strong sense of empathy and appreciation for Arthur’s predicament. I also loved meeting June and following her journey. Relationships are the key to this story both in the modern and past based time periods, uniting 12 Weeks of June. It was a nice build up to an emotional close to Rania Battany’s latest and I’m glad that I joined the agreeable cast for this heartfelt journey.

12 Weeks of June by Rania Battany was published on 1st April 2022. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of 12 Weeks of June, Rania Battany, visit here.

*I wish to thank the author for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

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