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A Tea Break with Mrs B: Karly Lane

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It is a pleasure to welcome Karly Lane to my blog, Mrs B’s Book Reviews for A Tea Break with Mrs B, a author interview series. To help celebrate the release of A Stone’s Throw Away we sat down for a chat. Thanks Karly!

Hello Karly. It is my pleasure to welcome you back to my blog, Mrs B’s Book Reviews. I greatly appreciate the time you have provided to answer a few questions. To begin, what is your drink of choice as we sit down for a chat about your new book?

I can never pass up a coffee…actually the first one of the day is kind of vital…for my family’s wellbeing.

Can you give us an overview of your writing career to date?

I decided that my dabbling in writing was going to become a real attempt at becoming published around 2007. Until that point, I’d been pretty much teaching myself and had eventually sold a few books to a (very) small American publisher before then realising I could self-publish them just as easily and cut out the middle man. But my dream had been to one day see my book in a bookshop and I realised my military romances and romantic suspense that I was currently writing, wasn’t something I could easily sell to mainstream publishers and started in a new genre.

 I thought I was writing Women’s Fiction, but it turned out, that Rural fiction was just taking off and my first book, North Star, had all the elements Allen & Unwin were looking for. That first book was published in 2010 and I’m lucky enough to be still publishing 2 books a year with them now, in 2022.

Can you describe your new novel, A Stone’s Throw Away in a sentence?

It’s a mix of small town rural life, with a bit of a mystery thrown in and a dab of romance for good measure!

What is the significance of the title to the book?

Without giving too much away, A Stone’s Throw Away is usually about something being nearby the whole time you were looking for it, so it applied to a few aspects of this book.

How different was the experience of writing A Stone’s Throw Away, compared to your previous releases?

There was a lot of WW2 research involved, which I have done before in a few of my other books, but not recently. I always love having a back story from the past and it was lovely to be writing one again for this book.

What topics do you explore in A Stone’s Throw Away?

There’s a few different topics in this one. The difficulties for returned servicemen and women coming home after a war and trying to find their place again, plays a part. As well as small town justice and gossip and how that can affect a person’s reputation for their entire life. As well as finding the courage to start over in life after a traumatic experience; this carries over into a few different aspects as well.

Can you tell us about the rural landscape featured in A Stone’s Throw Away?

This book is set in Victoria which is a bit of a new one for me, although the towns are all fictitious.

However, I loved the bushland of the highlands, with their huge old gum trees and billabongs, so that’s the kind of landscape I was picturing as I wrote this book.

Where did the inspiration for the character of Pip come from?

Pip kind of wrote herself. I needed a career for my character and an investigative journalist seemed to fit the bill perfectly, so Pip needed to be tough and relentless, but she’d been through a traumatic event so also needed a vulnerable side, which I think she finds the deeper she digs into this mystery.

What is one thing you would like your audience to take away from the experience of reading A Stone’s Throw Away?

I hope that they find some of the Papua New Guinea back story as interesting as I did. The things our diggers went through during that time of the war really hit home hard for me and they deserve to be remembered by us all.

When you are not writing what do you enjoy doing?

For anyone who might follow me on social media probably already know that I have a rather wide variety of animals who keep me occupied. My horses, are where I find true peace and contentment, so whenever I’m not writing I’m usually out doing something with them.

What books are on your to-be-read pile?

Go Tell the Bees I’m Gone by Diana Gabaldon, Fallen Empire by Keith McArdle, The War of Two Queens by Jennifer Armentrout  and The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths are just a few.

What are you working on writing wise at present?

Currently I have two new books I’ve started, one has more of a women’s fiction slant and the other is more rural, but my December book is already in the pipelines, so edits for that one have been coming back and forth from the publisher. I’m pretty excited about the upcoming books I have out for the rest of this year and into the next.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Mrs B’s Book Reviews Karly and congratulations on the publication of A Stone’s Throw Away.

A pitch-perfect new rural romance from the bestselling author of Once Burnt, Twice Shy.

‘A story of faith, courage, strength and future prospects … a sizzling summer read.’
Mrs B’s Book Reviews on Once Burnt, Twice Shy

When a drought dries up the contents of a dam on her uncle’s property, investigative journalist Phillipa ‘Pip’ Davenport is astonished at what she finds.

On a deadline and with a severe case of writers’ block, Pip turns away from her immediate interest in the waterhole’s contents. However, the universe and her neighbour seem to have other ideas. And then there’s the mysterious detective assigned to the case who Pip is beginning to find very distracting.

When the only person of interest is a local ninety-eight-year-old war veteran, Pip feels drawn back to the case despite her crazy schedule. But how often does a cold case murder land on your doorstep?

More questions arise as long-buried secrets suddenly emerge with some hard truths for the little town to face. Meanwhile, Pip finds that she must also face her past in order to see the truth clearly.

A Stone’s Throw Away  by Karly Lane was published on 3rd May 2022 by Allen and Unwin. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

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