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New Release Book Review: You Had It Coming by B.M. Carroll

Title: You Had It Coming

Author: B.M. Carroll

Published: May 13th 2021

Publisher: Viper

Pages: 320

Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Crime, Mystery

RRP: $29.99

Rating: 4 stars


When paramedic Megan Lowe is called to the scene of an attempted murder, all she can do is try to save the victim. But as the man is lifted onto a stretcher, she realises she knows him. She despises him. Why should she save his life when he destroyed hers?

Jess Foster is on her way home when she receives a text from Megan. Once best friends, the two women haven’t been close for years, not since the night when they were just the teenage girls whom no-one believed; whose reputations were ruined. All Jess can think is, you had it coming.

Now Megan and Jess are at the centre of a murder investigation. But what secrets are they hiding? Can they trust one another? And who really is the victim?

Perfect for fans of C.L. Taylor, Lucy Foley and Lisa Hall, You Had It Coming is a thrilling tale of suspense and dark secrets.


‘Just tell them the truth. You drank too much. You misjudged the effect it would have. We all make mistakes. I know I have.’

Rated highly by powerhouse Liane Moriarty, B.M. Carroll returns with another dark crime thriller. You Had It Coming is a frantic tale of consent, admissions, revelations, family, friendship, secrets, the truth, lies and protection. A relevant, timely and conflict based tale, You Had It Coming is a topical text that can easily be devoured in a sitting.

A story of wrecked lives and repairing mistakes, You Had It Coming follows paramedic Megan Lowe who is faced with a huge moral issue when she is called out to attend a medical emergency. Megan must decide if she can save the life of a man who destroyed her own life. Megan’s former best friend Jess Foster also becomes involved in this situation when Megan contacts her. With reputations on the line and past issues to consider, both women know this new situation will test their resolve. When Jess and Megan are linked to a murder investigation issues of trust, blame, reputation, guilt, shame and self-preservation all come into play. Will the Jess and Megan walk free from this murder investigation with a clean record?

Since B.M. Carroll made the switch from light hearted stories to dark thriller tales, I have gravitated towards each new novel this talented author releases. You Had It Coming is a story that places the reader in the thick of action from the opening chapter of this engrossing and consuming mystery novel. I loved the opportunity to surrender myself to this riveting suspense tale.

You Had It Coming relays the perspectives of three different women and these viewpoints alternate as this addictive story unfolds. This shared form of narration helps to build the dark tone and the strong feeling of suspense that underscores this novel. I found B.M. Carroll’s latest to be a very divisive and thought-provoking tale. This novel also served up plenty of moral questions. You Had It Coming is definitely a conversation starter, perfect for books clubs to discuss the conflicting ideas and grey areas this novel presents. In some sections of this novel I found my emotions were heightened due to the intense nature of this tale. These big feelings also seemed to grow as the narrative progressed. Carroll keeps an even pace and tone for the duration of her latest novel. I encountered no issues in terms of attention, as this book followed quite a tumultuous journey. You Had It Coming is a conflicting and perplexing read, that will really test your mind.

Complex and strong characters flesh out Carroll’s latest tale. Megan, Jess and Bridget are realistic and authentic protagonists. Carroll’s approach allows the reader to develop a deep connection to the struggles each character must face. Carroll comprehensively explores the personal issues of her compelling cast members, which fills the plot with a good serving of drama. Questions of truth, lies, contention, suspicion, shame, guilt, morality and justice surround this novel. The end result is a confronting read for the audience to mull over. With a sensitive and close look at female personal protection, rights and power struggles, You Had It Coming is a timely read.

Well written, with clear and direct prose, You Had it Coming is a dilemma filled tale that will have you up in arms as the characters in this story are faced with some tough situations. You Had It Coming is highly recommended to mystery and thriller fans.

You Had It Coming  by B.M. Carroll was published on 13th May 2021 by Viper. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of You Had It Coming, B.M. Carroll, visit here.

*Thanks extended to Allen & Unwin for providing a free copy of this book for review purposes.

You Had It Coming is book #91 of the 2021 Australian Women Writers Challenge

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