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New Release Book Review: Complications by Danielle Steel

Title: Complications

Author: Danielle Steel

Published: August 31st 2021

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Pages: 256

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary

RRP: $32.99

Rating: 3 stars

A visit to remember . . .

Life is full of complications, and for some of the guests and staff of the Louis XVI, one of Paris’s most famous luxury hotels, it was a year they’d never forget. Among the guests are a distinguished art consultant recovering from a difficult divorce; a middle-aged doctor who receives the news that he has a terminal illness; a senior politician who is being blackmailed; and a couple who think they’ve finally found happiness only to find it taken away from them in one terrifying incident.

But for every difficult question there are answers, hidden solutions and unexpected blessings. All that is needed is the courage to pursue them. In the end, the lessons they all learn from the difficulties they face will benefit their lives in ways they could not have imagined. Their lives have been an extraordinary adventure, and every precious moment, even the hardest, is a gift.


Contemporary fiction powerhouse Danielle Steel brings her readers Complications, a romance and modern fiction novel that looks at the difficult times we face in life. With loss, health issues, affairs, blackmail, divorce, love and second chances leading the way, Complications is a drama filled story from cover to cover.

When a renowned Paris based hotel receives the royal treatment via a four-year renovation, the pressure is on to deliver a grand re-opening. The staff of the Louis XVI hotel get much more than they bargained for at the re-opening when a series of dramatic events occur at the hotel. From a political scandal to a dead body, plus a severe health crisis, the Louis XVI seems to be the site for plenty of personal turmoil. Despite the tragedy, setbacks and pain, a heartwarming romance sparks between two characters based at the hotel. However, this budding romance will be tested almost immediately due to a shocking turn of events. Complications is a tale that reminds us of the difficulties we face at various points in our lives, the situations we need to overcome and the chance events that change our future plans.

International bestselling author Danielle Steel now divides her time between her northern California home and Paris. Steel has used one of her location bases as the central stage for her latest novel to play out. This aspect of Complications immediately pulled me into Steel’s new release and I was keen to escape to the Louis XVI hotel for a page-based stint at this luxurious abode.

Danielle Steel employs her traditional mode of storytelling to Complications. With plenty of early page time devoted to describing the location, the core characters and their underlying issues, this story seemed to hold promise in the initial chapters. I appreciated the set-up of this novel and I was eager to see how all the staff of the Louis XVI would handle the incoming issues thrown at them from the grand re-opening. I also engaged with the guests staying at the hotel and their respective personal issues. There is no doubt that the Louis XVI is the site of plenty of drama, which helps to keep the reader on their toes as they become embroiled in the lives of this complicated set.

Loyal Danielle Steel fans who come to her books for the romance as much as the contemporary issues will find the central love story between Alaistair and Gabrielle to be of high interest. These two very likeable characters are the type of people you want to ultimately find happiness. The problems this couple confront forms a significant part of the second half of the novel, which sees the other issues at the hotel take a bit of a backseat. Romance lovers will enjoy this, but other readers may encounter issues with the latter half of the novel if romance is not your mainstay.

As I have come to realise with many recent Danielle Steel novels of late, Complications is another story by the popular author that falls into the imparting information style framework rather than delving into any plot issues at depth. This is a shame, as the featured protagonists in Complications deserved better treatment! I think the cast was too wide in this case and Steel worked in a lot of sub plots for such a short novel. Despite this, I found Complications offered a welcome break from a heavy working week.

Complications by Danielle Steel was published on 31st August 2021 by Pan Macmillan. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Complications, Danielle Steel, visit here.

*Thanks extended to Pan Macmillan for providing a free copy of this book for review purposes.

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