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New Release Book Review: Legacy by Nora Roberts

Title: Legacy

Author: Nora Roberts

Published: May 26th 2021

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Pages: 400

Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

RRP: $32.99

Rating: 3 stars

A powerful new standalone novel from global bestseller Nora Roberts – a story of a mother, a daughter and a traumatic past reawakened

‘If you’re after the perfect pick-me-up, take-me-away-from-the-world read, then she’s your woman’
The Guardian

The first time Adrian met her father was the day he tried to kill her…

Adrian Rizzo didn’t have the easiest childhood, to put it mildly, but she’s worked hard to put it behind her and to the outside world she is a beautiful young woman with a successful, high-profile career and a wonderful family and friends.

When, out of the blue, she receives a death threat in the post, she is shocked but puts it down to someone’s jealousy of her success and tries to forget about it. But Adrian doesn’t realise that it’s more than just spite. Someone is very, very angry about her happy life and will stop at nothing to bring it all crashing down.


Described as ‘unputdownable, unmissable and unforgettable’, Legacy is the latest stand-alone thriller release from Nora Roberts. A family drama with a good dose of love and a streak of suspense defines this new tale from the popular US romance author.

Legacy follows the trials and tribulations of Adrian Rizzo. We meet Adrian as a child and we move along with her as she becomes an adult. Along the way we experience Adrian’s family dramas, career achievements, love trials and unforgettable friendships. Adrian is a woman who strives to attain happy lifestyle, but she is unable to put aside a constant threat to her life. For many years Adrian has been plagued by a series of anonymous death threats sent to her. Although Adrian has reported the letters to authorities, it still plays on her mind. It seems that the sinister tone of these letters indicates more than a simple case of jealousy and spite. It is clear that someone out there has Adrian in their sights and they will not stop this deadly game.

Legacy is the newest novel from renowned US author Nora Roberts. A quick glance over this prolific author’s bio reveals that she has penned over two hundred and twenty-five novels. What a remarkable achievement for an author! Since I was first introduced to the Nora Roberts some years ago now, I have dipped in and out of her work, mostly sticking to her annual standalone romantic suspense releases. Legacy is an example of a typical standalone thriller from this much-loved author.

Legacy is a book that is concerned about family relations, connections, tensions and drama. In this latest release from the global bestseller, we follow lead character Adrian in her early days as a young girl and eventually to her life as an adult. Along the way there are disagreements, celebrations, successes and problems to overcome. I did enjoy some aspects of this story and I didn’t feel like the drama aspect was over the top, but I wasn’t completely invested in this tale. I did find that I switched off a few times and I had to work hard to snap myself back to the story at hand.

Roberts creates a worthy cast in Legacy. I’m sure readers will appreciate the relationships, friendships and acquaintances that defines the storyline focus of this tale. While Adrian remains the author’s main preoccupation, we also meet a number of other side cast members that create some intriguing leads to the story at hand. I’m sure fans and newcomers of Nora Roberts’ work will appreciate the varied support cast present in Legacy. I think there is something for everyone in terms of what these characters have to give to the reader.

For me personally, it was the sinister element via the death threats sent to the lead that really encouraged me to keep going with Legacy. Although it is clear that I struggled in some areas of the novel to stay connected, I appreciated the themes Roberts raised in terms of family, trauma, safety, parenting, relationships, friendships, loss, careers and personal choice. A satisfying end closes off the Legacy journey.

A pleasant read to enjoy over a winter weekend, Legacy is sure to be another success story for Nora Roberts.

Legacy by Nora Roberts is published by Hachette Australia on May 26th 2021. $32.99.


To learn more about the author of Legacy, Nora Roberts visit here.


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