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New Release Book Review & GIVEAWAY: Ruthless Women by Melanie Blake

Title: Ruthless Women

Author: Melanie Blake

Published: March 3rd 2021

Publisher: Head of Zeus – GB

Pages: 464

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary

RRP: $24.99

Rating: 3 stars


On a beautiful private island off the coast of the UK, the cast and crew of glamorous TV show Falcon Bay are at breaking point.

Ratings are falling, and their new boss is inventing ever more dramatic – and impossible – storylines to get Falcon Bay back into the number 1 slot.

Director Farrah, lead actress Catherine and producer Amanda are the passionate, ambitious women holding the show together. With so much at stake, they will stop at nothing to stay in the jobs they love and on the island they call home.

Can these women team up to bring down their rivals? Or will scandal, betrayal and ambition tear them apart?


‘Good luck with your new leading lady, girls – you’re gonna need it.’ She set her glad down ready to go and collect Catherine when the scene ended. ‘Because that is one ruthless woman,’ she said and exited The Cove.’

Take a glamourous trip behind the scenes of a notorious long running television series, thanks to the latest contemporary fiction title from Melanie Blake. Ruthless Women takes a candid look at the entertainment industry, with particular attention to those who work both on and behind the scenes. The celebrity world is exposed, with particular attention to the cutthroat soap opera business. Ruthless Women is a shocking and surprising tale.

Ruthless Women follows the dynamic fictional television drama series Falcon Bay, a soap opera that has endured over a number of years. Set on the picturesque island of Jersey, this once highly popular series has seen a recent decrease in viewers. The attached network executives are desperate to keep the cameras rolling on their long running soap. With a wicked new owner on board, changes are set for this enduring soap opera. These adjustments are cutting and thoughtless, with all decisions aimed at putting Falcon Bay back on the top of the ratings. With plenty of tension coming from the writers, stars, agents and producers of the series, it is clear that it takes a very merciless type to keep Falcon Bay running. Gender issues and relationships also come into play as the show rolls on. Ruthless Women exposes the unspeakable acts that those in the entertainment industry are prepared to go to in order to maintain their position on top.

Beginning her career at the BBC, author Melanie Blake has years of industry experience. Working on well known British soaps such as Coronation Street and managing clients in the entertainment industry, has allowed this talent specialist to merge her work experience into her novels. Publishing Thunder Girls in 2019 and now Ruthless Women has seen Melanie Blake conquer the writing world with her vast industry experience.

There was a definite sense of nostalgia for me personally when I read this book. I spent my teen years in Britain, struggling as a young Australian girl to understand the British public’s sheer fascination and obsession for soap operas. I often felt very disconnected to my peers who revolved their lives around the screening of long running soap dramas such as EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Brookside. Ruthless Women exposes this soap drama world and it is a direct nod to the industry as a whole. I couldn’t fault the insider knowledge and first hand understanding of this dog-eat-dog world, thanks to the many years of experience utilised by the author in her novel. There was definitely a strong air of authenticity to Ruthless Women.

Ruthless Women exposes some current themes such as gender inequality, employment conditions, substance abuse, sexual relations, ageing, social media, alliances, friendships and marriage. Power is the ruling device of this novel and everyone is out to be at the top of the game, no matter what it takes. It is quite barbaric at times, but I feel that Ruthless Women takes a accurate glance at the screen industry. It does make for an eye opening and salacious read. On the other hand, Melanie Blake does infuse some erotica into her book. This wasn’t to my tastes personally, but it may appeal to the Jackie Collins or Jilly Cooper fans out there.

With plenty of twists, shocks, surprises and revealing moments, Ruthless Women is a scintillating read, that takes a very candid look at the entertainment industry.

Ruthless Women by Melanie Blake was published on 3rd March 2021 by Head of Zeus – GB. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Ruthless Women, Melanie Blake visit here.

*Thanks extended to Harper Collins Australia/DMCPR Media for providing a free copy of this book for review purposes.


I am offering 3 lucky readers an opportunity to win a copy of Ruthless Women . Simply tell me what your favourite television series is to be entered into this competition! Good luck!

*Competition open to Australian postal addresses only. Winners selected at random. Closes Monday 12th April 2021, 11pm (WST).

5 thoughts on “New Release Book Review & GIVEAWAY: Ruthless Women by Melanie Blake

  1. Thank you for this fabulous review. The book sounds like a delicious read!
    As my all time favourite TV series, I just can’t go past The Sopranos. That show was one of the first to set the standard for the new Golden Age of TV, and even now with shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Better Call Saul in the mix, it stands head and shoulders for me — it’s timeless. 😊📚🥂

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