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New Release Book Review: The Paris Affair by Pip Drysdale

Title: The Paris Affair

Author: Pip Drysdale

Published: February 3rd 2021

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Pages: 352

Genres: Fiction, Contemporary

RRP: $32.99

Rating: 4 stars

She thinks love can kill you. It turns out she might be right. The dark and sexy new thriller from the bestselling author of The Sunday Girl and The Strangers We Know.

Harper Brown is an expert at picking locks, breaking her way out of car boots, talking her way out of trouble and she could run a masterclass on escaping relationships – her record for losing a guy is three minutes flat. She’s addicted to true crime podcasts and is the genius behind a micro-column called ‘How to not get murdered’.

After having her heart broken helping her ex follow his dreams, Harper has moved to Paris to fulfill hers. She’s talked her way into a job as an arts journalist, a stepping stone to her dream role as an investigative journalist. All she has to do is whatever it takes to get there. But then one night she meets the artist Noah X, and everything she thinks she knows is turned upside down.

Soon Harper finds herself entangled in a web of lies, hot on the trail of a murderer and the scoop of a lifetime. This is the story that could make her career – if the killer doesn’t catch her first.


A darker side to the city of love is exposed in Pip Drysdale’s third contribution to her growing contemporary fiction catalogue in The Paris Affair. Following the exploits of a daring and larger than life lead Harper Brown, the reader is soon swept up in this compulsive tale of murder, mystery and relationships.

With a blurb that provides a comprehensive list of the main attributes of the lead character of The Paris Affair, Harper Brown, the reader is immediately intrigued by this main character. Harper is an arts and culture writer, who aspires to be a respected news reporter. Harper receives an opportunity to work in Paris when we are first acquainted with her. With no attachments romantically, Harper is soon swept up in a life beyond the perfect façade of Paris. Harper is confronted with a much darker side to the city of love, a gritty and dark underground world, where crime is commonplace. The question is, can Harper gain her big break in the reporting world by following the path of a murderer who is walking the streets of Paris?

I have a good reading relationship with the author of The Paris Affair, Pip Drysdale. I have enjoyed Drysdale’s two previous novels and I was confident that The Paris Affair was going to be another entertaining read. I’m happy to report that it was brilliant tale from start to finish and I would consider this latest offering from Pip Drysdale to be just as good as her last two books. Fans of Drysdale’s previous novels will gravitate to this latest offering, while new readers to Drysdale’s work will find much to admire in this very persuasive story!

The Paris based setting was the big drawcard for me and this novel. I am a huge Francophile, so anything set in Paris is going to immediately reel me in! Drysdale does a fine job with her setting, offering the reader a glimpse into another side of Paris. Drysdale removes the mask of love, lights and allure and she takes an abrasive look at one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Drysdale’s Paris is a place of violence, murder and mystery. I liked this alternative focus on the ominous side to a city I adore with all my heart. Thanks to Drysdale’s well-placed descriptions within her novel, the audience is completely immersed in this vivid setting base.

Drysdale’s lead Harper Brown provides the bare bones structure to The Paris Affair. Sophisticated, brazen and enigmatic, Harper is an unforgettable central protagonist. The form of narration applied to this novel by the author allows the audience to delve deep into the mindset of this complex but entertaining lead. A lead you love to hate, Harper will seduce you into a state of pure intrigue and mystery. Drysdale works hard to set her scene and fully immerse her audience in the onslaught of events in the first half of her novel, while the second half sees The Paris Affair take full flight. Gripping, perplexing, tension filled and highly engaging, Pip Drysdale’s latest modern fiction novel glimmers with possibility.

The added touch of French language-based chapter headings helped to set the mood and tone for this very chic Parisian novel. I loved it The Paris Affair and I hope you do too!

The Paris Affair by Pip Drysdale was published on 3rd February 2021 by Simon & Schuster. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of The Paris Affair, Pip Drysdalehere.

*I wish to thank Simon & Schuster Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

The Paris Affair is book #12 of the 2021 Australian Women Writers Challenge 

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