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Book Review: The Imperfects by Amy Meyerson

Title: The Imperfects

Author: Amy Meyerson

Published: April 20th 2020

Publisher: HQ Fiction – US

Pages: 320

Genres:  Fiction

RRP: $29.99

Rating: 4 stars

The Nest meets Curtis Sittenfeld in this captivating novel about a priceless inheritance that leads one family on a life-altering pursuit of the truth.

The Millers are far from perfect. Estranged siblings Beck, Ashley and Jake find themselves under one roof for the first time in years, forced to confront old resentments and betrayals, when their mysterious, eccentric matriarch, Helen, passes away. But their lives are about to change when they find a secret inheritance hidden among her possessions — the Florentine Diamond, a 137-carat yellow gemstone that went missing from the Austrian Empire a century ago.

Desperate to learn how one of the world’s most elusive diamonds ended up in Helen’s bedroom, they begin investigating her past only to realise how little they know about their brave, resilient grandmother. As the Millers race to determine whether they are the rightful heirs to the diamond and the fortune it promises, they uncover a past more tragic and powerful than they ever could have imagined, forever changing their connection to their heritage and each other.

Inspired by the true story of the real, still-missing Florentine Diamond, The Imperfects illuminates the sacrifices we make for family and how sometimes discovering the truth of the past is the only way to better the future.


‘Beck stares at the enormous yellow diamond, waiting for Helen’s face to appear in it, to toll her eyes and say, Please you always knew I had my secrets. Beck knew that Helen had stories she’s never shared. Stories about what happened to her family in Vienna during the Holocaust, why she traveled to the US alone. These were an untold past, one that Beck assumed held too much pain for Helen to revisit. This tone, though, it bears secrets, ones Beck can’t begin to imagine.’

A tangled family mystery, an heirloom, the past, sibling issues, greed and ownership defines The Imperfects by Amy Meyerson. A compelling story that draws the reader into the past, weaving together a family lineage linked to the possession of a famous gemstone, The Imperfects will spark the interest of readers who appreciate an intriguing generational based tale.

Meet the Miller family fold. Siblings Ashley, Beck and Jake have been estranged for a number of years, but the loss of the matriarch of their family Helen, brings this group together to help solve the mystery of a precious gemstone, recovered in the personal effects of their grandmother Helen’s belongings. When the Miller family discover that this 137 carat yellow gemstone went missing over one hundred years ago, they have more questions than answers as to why it was found with their grandmother. So begins a long and emotional journey into learning how the gemstone came to rest with their grandmother. Whilst digging into the past and uncovering some surprising secrets, the siblings begin to dream of what the wealth of this gemstone would provide to each of them if this precious jewel rightfully belonged to their family. But the search for and resulting fight for ultimate possession of the prized piece brings about startling revelations, claims and pure acts of greed. The Imperfects tells the story of a very flawed family who get caught up in retaining ownership of a relic from the past.

Stories that lean on the past, family, secrets, generations and mystery are always of great interest to me as a reader. I also have a fascination for the Austrian Empire, following a visit to Austria over a decade ago. My passion for anything Austrian related has never abated over the years and the chance to read a fictional story based around an Austrian heirloom was very much welcomed on my behalf. The Imperfects was an engrossing read that I enjoyed very much.

At the heart of The Imperfects is the sense of conflict that has marred this family fold for some time. Over the years the three siblings of this tale, Ashley, Beck and Jake have drifted apart. The loss of their grandmother is the impetus this family needs to bring them together as they strive to uncover the missing details of the mysterious gemstone that is found in their beloved grandmother’s hands. I really connected to this part of the story, overseeing the various disagreements, grievances, jealousies and misunderstandings that have plagued the Miller family over the years.

I also enjoyed the journey back into the past, which enables us to trace the origins of the 137 carat yellow gemstone. This was a fascinating adventure, as Meyerson gradually reveals the colourful life story of the gemstone and how it came into the hands of Helen, the recently deceased matriarch of this tale. With links to the war, the Austrian empire, the Nazi party and more, The Imperfects is a real treat for historical fiction fans. Meyerson recreates this sojourn back into the past with authenticity and clarity.

I’m sure I am not the only one who will go on an online search to discover more about the Florentine diamond, the precious gemstone that inspired the creation of this novel. I found this aspect of Amy Myerson’s story to be closely captivating and spellbinding. It also helped to elevate this novel a little further rating wise. I couldn’t get enough of this mystery, I really didn’t want it to end.

The Imperfects unveils the story behind a prized gemstone, family lineage connections, concealed truths, surprising revelations, loyalty, restitution, complicated relationships, rightful ownership and secrets lives. Amy Meyerson has crafted a consuming family history tale that I hold in high regard.

The Imperfects by Amy Meyerson was published on 20th April 2020 by HQ Fiction – US. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of The Imperfects, Amy Meyerson, visit here.


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