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New Release Book Review: Lonely in Longreach by Eva Scott

Title: Lonely in Longreach

Author: Eva Scott

Published: September 2nd 2020

Publisher: Mira – AU

Pages: 384

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

RRP: $29.99

Rating: 4 stars

In the red heart of Queensland, two teenagers playing matchmaker are about to turn more than one life upside-down.

Widower Sam Costello has no time for love. When he’s not working on his farm, he’s trying to figure out how to connect with his teenage son Levi.

But Levi is about to finish high school, and he has big plans to move to Sydney for university with his best friend Maddie. If only he didn’t feel so guilty about abandoning his dad. Maddie has her own reasons for wanting to go to Sydney and she’s not going to let Levi’s dad ruin her future happiness. Mr Costello needs a girlfriend and, with her talent for matchmaking, Maddie is the girl to make it happen. By the time Mr C figures out what she’s done, surely he’ll be too in love to be angry.

Journalist Sarah Lewis has a good job, a nice boyfriend and a safe life in Sydney. Though sometimes she wonders if life has more to offer than nice and safe. When she starts working on an article about finding love in the outback she finds herself asking whether journalists should become this invested in their research. But there’s just something about Lonely in Longreach. Could it be that the man behind the dating profile is the key to the passion she has been looking for?

Sleepless in Seattle meets rural Australia in this fresh romantic comedy about optimism, online dating and love at first sight.


‘Sarah longed to reach out and pick up the laptop. She wanted to read Lonely in Longreach’s profile for herself, take another look at his photo.’

The search for love in regional Australia is the focus of Eva Scott’s new rural romance, Lonely in Longreach. A fun and exciting tale that looks into the world of dating from an online and long-distance perspective, this classic Aussie rom com will provide the perfect means of escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

Lonely in Longreach travels to the heart of Queensland, as we meet two teenage matchmakers, a widower and a journalist. When we are acquainted with the lead male figure of this tale, Sam Costello, we learn that this widower isn’t looking to find love again. As a hardworking farmer, Sam is more concerned about his keeping his property afloat and caring for his teenage son. However, Sam’s son Levi worries about his lonely father. Levi feels guilty about making plans to move to the city to attend university, which would mean he would have to leave his dad alone. When Levi’s best friend Maddie steps in to help cure Sam of his loneliness, plenty of fun and frivolity ensues. Lonely in Longreach also follows journalist Sarah Lewis, a woman who believes she has it all –  a career, a great boyfriend and a wonderful life in the city. However, when Sarah’s eyes are opened to a very different kind of life to her current existence, she begins to question what makes her happy. As this journalist fully immerses herself in the topic of her recent article about finding love in the outback, Sarah comes to the conclusion that love can be found when you least expect it.

The search for love takes an outback turn in Eva Scott’s latest rural release, Lonely in Longreach. For those who are looking for a fresh author to try in the rural fiction genre, I can definitely direct you to Eva Scott. It is always a wonderful to discover a new author to add to your auto buy list and this was certainly the case as soon as I encountered the writing of Eva Scott. I thoroughly enjoyed Lonely in Longreach.

Inspired by classic 1990s rom coms such as a Sleepless in Seattle, Eva Scott has taken this much-loved movie and transformed it into a twenty first century Australian rural romance offering. I really liked the initial concept idea for Lonely in Longreach and although I am not a fan of reality televisions shows such as the Farmer Wants a Wife, which this novel has also been compared to, I found great joy in reading Eva Scott’s novel. Whether you are a fan of Sleepless in Seattle or Farmer Wants a Wife, I am confident that Lonely in Longreach will draw appeal. Readers will soon be taken in by the honesty, realism and genuine approach of the characters in this novel.  The cast that reside in the focal small town of this tale all appear to be caring, kind, thoughtful and sincere. What I loved about the folk of that populate Lonely in Longreach was that their hearts were clearly in the right places, despite some mishaps along the way!

Eva Scott uses Lonely in Longreach to put the spotlight on modern day dating practices with specific focus on online dating. Scott’s approach is realistic, witty, fun and surprising. I liked the journey this novel presented in terms of the matchmaker elements, the email communications, the distance issues and the love at first sight style romance. With the added problem of previous relationships, past baggage, children, careers and responsibilities all coming into play, Scott shows us that it is never too late to take a leap of faith in the love department. Overall, Lonely in Longreach proved to be extremely satisfying, it will definitely make your heart beat a little faster.

It truly was a pleasure to follow this search for love, purpose and meaning. Lonely in Longreach is about fulfilling personal desires and accepting new directions in life. A book to laugh, cry and swoon with, Lonely in Longreach is a wonderful Aussie escapist style read that I recommend.

Lonely in Longreach by Eva Scott was published on 2nd September 2020 by Mira – AU. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Lonely in Longreach, Eva Scott, visit here.

*I wish to thank Harlequin Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

Lonely in Longreach is book #132 of the 2020 Australian Women Writers Challenge

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