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#20BACKLISTIN2020 Backlist Book Challenge: Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty

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In a desperate bid to reduce the books that are collecting dust on my TBR shelves, I have decided to collaborate with another avid reader and fellow book reviewer, Nicole from Certified Book Addicts. The #20BACKLISTIN2020 challenge is a self paced challenge hosted by Jaylamm.ReadsReading and Sunshine, and Cassidys.Bookshelf. The overall goal of this challenge is to read 20 titles from the backlist books that are currently sitting on your TBR pile. For this challenge I will be reading non review books and taking my selections directly from my chock-a-block TBR bookcases (there are two shelved back to back). I will be publishing my reviews of these books on my blog and social media sites on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

Book #20 in the #20BACKLISTIN2020 challenge

Estimated TBR Shelf Life: 2.5 years

Challenge complete!

An online rivalry between mums and non-mums spills dangerously into the real world

Poppy’s world has tipped sideways: the husband who never wanted children has betrayed her with her

broody best friend.

At least Annalise is on her side. Poppy’s new friend is determined to celebrate their freedom from kids so together they create a Facebook group to meet up with like-minded women, and perhaps vent a little about smug mums and their privileges at work.

Meanwhile Frankie would love a night out, away from her darlings – she’s not had one in years – and she’s sick of being judged by women at the office and stay-at-home mums.

When Poppy and Annalise’s group takes off and frustrated members start confronting mums like Frankie in the real world. Cafes become battlegrounds, playgrounds become warzones and offices

have never been so divided.

A rivalry that was once harmless fun is spiralling out of control. Because one of their members is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And she has an agenda of her own .


The bestselling author of The Fifth Letter presents Those Other Women, a tale of motherhood, non-motherhood, opinions, decisions, life choices and private battles. An entertaining novel packed full of drama, emotion, tension and rivalry, Nicola Moriarty’s 2018 release is a lively read, that will appeal to a wide audience range.

Those Other Women peels back the contentious layers of womanhood. With different lives, preoccupations, decisions, life choices and experiences, Nicola Moriarty’s tale considers those who choose motherhood and those who do not. Leading the charge is Poppy, a woman who finds her life turned upside down when her husband makes the shock announcement that he wants to leave her for her best friend. In an instant, Poopy loses her husband and her best friend. With the support of a new friend named Annalise, Poppy begins to accept her new life. Together, Poppy and Annalise form a chat group dedicated to the non mothers of the world. Those Other Women also draws in the experiences of Frankie, a woman desperate to step outside the confines of her demanding job and the judgmental view of the stay at home mums. When the chat group gains in popularity, wars begin and battle lines are drawn. It becomes clear that this chat group has morphed into something much more sinister and with someone infiltrating the group with unkind intensions, everyone will need to watch their back.

Those Other Women is the third novel I have read and enjoyed by Sydney based novelist Nicola Moriarty. The opening of Moriarty’s 2018 release immediately grabbed my attention and I was soon lured into the world of Poppy, Annalise, Frankie and co. The overall plot direction Those Other Women takes in considering the world of mothers and non-mothers in a balanced format appealed to me greatly. I was keen to see how it would all play out and who would win this battle of wills!

Those Other Women is a book that I feel has strong universal appeal. It is well rounded, objective and authentic. Many of the scenes presented felt like they had been directly drawn from real life, perhaps taken from Moriarty’s own experiences. Whether this was the case of not, readers will be able to connect with The Other Women. This novel is almost a song to modern motherhood and womanhood. The issues presented in Moriarty’s novel are both serious and light in tone. With a number of emotional topics such as abuse, infidelity and illness dominating the narrative, Moriarty steers her book towards a solid domestic fiction title. There are also some well timed comedic interludes, which helps to lift the novel at just the right moments.

Those Other Women is a character driven tale and much of the narrative leans towards offering a clearly spread view of a number of different female experiences. We are presented with a variety of life situations and problems. Moriarty delves deep in the mindset of her key protagonists which helps the audience to gain a significant insight into their respective frustrations, decisions, ideas and personality types. Throwing in the influence of an imposter to the chat group added a good dose of intrigue to this tale. I liked how this area of the novel gradually unfurled and I appreciated Moriarty’s approach, which allowed the reader to pick up little clues along the way.

Those Other Women is a story of secrets, the past, control, frustrations, divisions, judgement, private struggles, sisterhood and personal agendas. Nicola Moriarty’s book is a busy but revealing read that contains plenty of interesting life sentiments.

**** 4 stars

Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty was published on 19th March 2018 by HarperCollins – AU. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here. 

To learn more about the author of Those Other Women, Nicola Moriarty visit here.

Those Other Women is book #125 of the 2020 Australian Women Writers Challenge

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