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Children’s Book Review: Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright

Title: Lola Dutch: When I Grow Uplola dutch small

Author:  Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright

Published: July 2nd 2020

Publisher: Bloomsbury Australia

Pages: 40

Genres:  Children

RRP: $14.99

Rating: 4 stars

Lola Dutch is always bursting with creative ideas – and she has so many exciting plans about what she’ll be when she grows up!

She could be a magnificent performer, or a daring inventor, or a brilliant botanist! Or maybe an astronaut, a pastry chef or an Egyptologist. Lola wants to try everything! How will she ever decide what she is supposed to be? Luckily, she has the help of her animal friends and her own brilliant imagination. Maybe Lola won’t have to wait until she grows up to explore the world’s excitements.

Inspired by their own children, Sarah Jane and Kenneth Wright are thrilled to continue this fun series about the unstoppable, larger-than-life Lola Dutch, perfect for fans of Eloise and Olivia.


Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up taps into career choices and education in this endearing picture book creation. Featuring the vibrant and exuberant Lola, along with her loyal animal friends, this little girl with a big imagination considers a variety of occupations  in this imaginative story path.

Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up is about an ordinary little girl, Lola, with an extraordinary mind. Lola is an energetic soul, who has a head full of wonderful ideas about what she would love to do when she grows up. Lola conjures up plenty of career paths from a performer, to a judge, an astronaut and even an Egyptologist! Lola wants to experience it all! Assisting Lola in her decision making process are her animal companion friends, Pig, Crane, Croc and Bear. The reader ponders, along with Lola and her pals, if she will ever be able to settle on just one special job in the future!

Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up is the wonderful creation of husband and wife book team Kenneth and Sarah Wright. This duo are the parents of four children and they bring their love and understanding of the young mind to Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up. This is an really infectious picture book title, featuring an equally endearing lead. The central conundrum is a common preoccupation for young children, which I liked very much.

Kenneth and Sarah Wright have conjured up a very relatable and appealing character in Lola. Lola inserts herself in a range of situations related to possible career choices throughout the story that will appeal to young readers. Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up is a book that encourages endeavour, aspiration and self-confidence. Lola is a great role model who possesses qualities of happiness, energy and self-belief. Lola is supported by a wonderful group of nurturing animal friends, who are more than happy to indulge this inspiring young mind to consider all the possibilities that may come her way.

I liked the approach to the illustrations in Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up. The illustrations are so soft, dreamlike and inviting that I couldn’t wait to see what each new page would bring. The choice of colour and style is just stunning. I adored the watercolour style overlays and palette selection. The illustrations also fully support the overall ideas presented in the story, working to scaffold Lola’s story in further detail.

Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up is an outrageous and fantastical storybook. It is fun, creative, imaginative and inspiring, which is perfect for growing  young minds. I really enjoyed my time with Lola and company as I too considered a possible career overhaul. Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up is the perfect book for children and adults to share together.

Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright was published on 2nd July 2020 by Bloomsbury Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

*I wish to thank Bloomsbury Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.


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