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POPSUGAR READING CHALLENGE 2020: Midwife on the Orient Express by Fiona McArthur

pop sugar 2020 27 june

Today I am marking off my twenty third #23rd checkpoint category for the POPSUGAR READING CHALLENGE 2020 with:

a book with a pun in the title

A Christmas Miraclemidwife on the orient express small

Midwife Kelsie Summers dreamed of her holiday on Europe’s most luxurious train. On departure she can’t believe her ill-timing when she sees Dr Lucas Larimar on that platform in Venice.

Lucas hates surprises. Offering his seat to the woman who jilted him fifteen years before was bad, but leaving her with his meddling grandmother was a hundred times worse.

Transport yourself into the glamorous night and through the next thirty-six hours as emotion, an unexpected medical drama and grandmotherly interference help this midwife and doctor find their miracle for Christmas.


We travel first class on the world famous Orient Express, thanks to Australian author Fiona McArthur’s self published title Midwife on the Orient Express. With a midwife, a doctor, pregnant passenger and plenty of other interesting travel companions, this story promises to deliver plenty of excitement, romance and medical emergencies!

Midwife on the Orient Express is a short form novel by much loved Australian author Fiona McArthur. The story follows midwife Kelsie Summers, who embarks on the journey of a lifetime when she boards the famous Orient Express. Everything seems to be absolutely perfect to Kelsie, who has had dreams of travelling on board this opulent form of transportation. But Kelsie’s dream journey is shattered when she realises she is sharing the journey with the man who she jilted many years before. Lucas has harboured a broken heart since Kelsie left over a decade ago and when he encounters his old love on a European train journey he cannot believe his bad luck. Things get worse for Lucas when his travel companion, his grandmother, is left to contend with his ex. However, when Lucas and Kelsie are forced to band together to attend to a medical drama on board the train, they find a new sense of respect and admiration for one another. Can this train journey bring Lucas and Kelsie back together again?

While on the hunt for a book with a pun in the title, I came across a novel penned by one of my favourite Australian medical fiction novelists, Fiona McArthur. Midwife on the Orient Express takes inspiration from the famous Agatha Christie novel, Murder on the Orient Express. I loved this novel and film, so the opportunity to read a book featuring the famous Orient Express train expedition appealed to me. Overall, I found Midwife on the Orient Express to be a quick, fun and delightful read.

Midwife on the Orient Express represents a solid second chance romance, with the focus being on two very likeable protagonists, Lucas the doctor and Kelsie the midwife. This style of romance allows McArthur to consider themes of trust, hurt, past heartbreak and personal goals. I really enjoyed the journey these two leads take to happy ever after. McArthur indulges in plenty of banter, awkward moments, stark realisations, bonding situations and rekindled love.

Supporting leads Kelsie and Lucas are a fabulous cast of secondary protagonists. A shout out to Winsome, Lucas’ grandmother and Anna, the young lady who finds herself giving birth on the Orient. I really enjoyed getting to know all the passengers on this journey, it was a pleasure, thanks to McArthur’s characterisation. McArthur always ensures that her protagonists are both realistic and personable, which was very clear to me as I read Midwife on the Orient Express.

An area that I felt Fiona McArthur really excelled in this story was the focus on the medical emergency on board the train. This is where McArthur draws on her expertise as a midwife, to present a birth miracle on the train. I applaud McArthur for her work in these segments on the novel, they proved to be exciting, tense and authentic.

My final word on this lovely novel is the setting. I would dearly love to take a journey on the spectacular Orient Express, but in the meantime, I’m happy to settle for Fiona McArthur’s descriptions of this stunning European rail based sojourn.  It really is a treat for all readers who have a passion for Europe and travel.

Midwife on the Orient Express represents a glamorous and magical journey.  Fiona McArthur’s novel would make a great Christmas in July read, due to the heart-warming medical miracle and the sweet second chance love story that takes place on this train tour.

**** 4 stars

Midwife on the Orient Express by Fiona McArthur was published on 29th October 2019. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Midwife on the Orient Express, Fiona McArthur visit here.

Midwife on the Orient Express is book #72 of the 2020 Australian Women Writers Challenge

3 thoughts on “POPSUGAR READING CHALLENGE 2020: Midwife on the Orient Express by Fiona McArthur

  1. What a fantastic book to use for the pun in the title category. Love it and your review, Amanda! My signed copy is displayed on my bookshelf, really looking forward to reading it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really pleased with this choice. I love Agatha Christie as well as Fiona McArthur so this was a winning combination! It was a small book so an quick read. Wow, you have a signed copy, that’s fabulous!


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