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pop sugar 2020 10 April

Today I am marking off my eleventh #11 checkpoint category for the POPSUGAR READING CHALLENGE 2020 with:

a book with a robot or cyborg character

Part human. Part robot. All hero!e boy small

Ethan is supposed to be doing regular teenage things – like playing sports and hanging out with friends.

He is not supposed to be in hospital getting a brain tumour removed by Gemini, a high-tech android doctor. But just as the operation begins, the medical facility is hit by an unusual bolt of lightning …

When Ethan wakes up he discovers that things are different. He’s always been good with computers, but now his skills are next-level. Ethan almost feels like he’s … part of the machine.

And what about the android Gemini? If Ethan is now part robot, does that make the robot part human?

Ethan will need all his new skills just to stay alive.

An electrifying new adventure series from the bestselling author Anh Do.


Anh Do introduces a brand new techno charged super series aimed at the 10-14 year old age bracket with E-Boy. The story of an ordinary teenager who becomes a robot and a hero, E-Boy is a book for our times, hailing the beginning of an addictive new series.

In this magnetizing new adventure series, Anh Do introduces his readers to Ethan, a teenage boy who has a brain tumor. When the story opens, we learn that Ethan is about to embark on a risky operation to have his brain tumor removed. An android doctor is assigned to Ethan’s surgery, rather than a human surgeon. Everything seems to be going smoothly during Ethan’s operation until a bolt of lightning changes the surgery in an instant. When Ethan recovers from his surgery he begins to notice some incredible changes to his body and mind. He is now a computer whizz. With a set of baffling new skills to contend with, Ethan begins to suspect that something must have gone wrong in the surgery and somehow he has morphed into a robot. But Ethan worries about Gemini, how has he been changed by the strange bolt of lightning during the surgery?

Anh Do is a popular author in my household, my boys and I have made our way through his Hot Dog, Weird Do and at present the Ninja Kid series. I was drawn to his new novel for older readers, as my son has just hit this age bracket. It is difficult to find books that gain and sustain my son’s interest in reading, as he doesn’t find reading easy, so it is important that I select books for him wisely. Now I have read E-Boy for myself, I am confident in decision to pass this one on to my reluctant reader to enjoy.

E-Boy is the first in a new series for Anh Do, who has a few other children’s books on the go. It was good to see a sneak peak of the next book into the exciting series at the end of this tale. E-Boy is a text that taps into ideas of modern technology advances, with a particular focus on androids. I found this aspect of the book quite eye opening and believable in a way. We could very easily see an android like Gemini, the featured robot in this book, make an appearance in society. The descriptions in the book of Gemini the android was realistic.

‘The medical android stepped into Ethan’s view.

He looks so perfect, thought Ethan.

With short blond hair, angular features and a lithe frame, Gemini was almost indistinguishable from a man in his mid-twenties. What gave him away were his chrome eyes, and the power cable reaching back into the control panel.’

Anh Do examines the positives and negatives of having such a robot entity inserted into society. Through an adventure that spills over nineteen chapters, we see the good, the bad and ugly moments in terms of life as an android.

‘This was how the military was using her invention? He was meant to be a healer, not some sort of … assassin.’

We are also taken directly into the eventful journey of Ethan, the boy who is forever changed by the lightning bolt during his vital brain surgery.

Supporting Anh Do’s text are the illustrations of Chris Wahl. Bursting with energy and exuding a comic book feel, the action definitely springs forth thanks to the picture work of this talented illustrator. The movie style images presented by Chris Wahl makes E-Boy a strong candidate for a screen adaptation.

E-Boy is an inventive undertaking, that features an interesting plot and a likeable lead. Anh Do has set his first novel of this series up well for future installments.

*** 3.5 stars

E-Boy by Anh Do was published on March 17th 2020 by Allen & Unwin. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of E-Boy, Anh Do, visit here.


2 thoughts on “POPSUGAR READING CHALLENGE 2020: E-Boy by Anh Do

  1. So glad you chose this book to read as I was curious of your thoughts on this one, great review I look forward to reading more Anh Do books. Seems like robot books are becoming popular, I don’t mind as the last one I read was pretty cool. Can’t believe we’re nearly halfway through this month already, I really need to get a move on and mark off another pop sugar category!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you again for helping me with this category, as I had no idea what i was going to use, i had nothing on my shelves! i’ve passed the book on to Oscar now to read. I’ve read a couple more and have reviews ready to go for the pop sugar challenge but I’m having difficulty scheduling them in between my review book demands.


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