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New Release Book Review: Inexpressible Island by Paullina Simons

Title: Inexpressible Islandinexpressible island small

Author: Paullina Simons

Published: November 18th 2019

Publisher: Harper Collins AU

Pages: 448

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary

RRP: $32.99

Rating: 4.5 stars

They were ready for anything … except the end. The must-read conclusion to the epic End of Forever saga by Paullina Simons.

Julian has lost everything he ever loved and is almost out of time. His life and death struggle against fate offers him one last chance to do the impossible and save the woman to whom he is permanently bound.

Together, Julian and Josephine must wage war against the relentless dark force that threatens to destroy them. This fight will take everything they have and everything they are as they try once more to give each other their unfinished lives back.

As time runs out for the star-crossed lovers, Julian learns that fate has one last cruel trick in store for them – and that even a man who has lost everything still has something left to lose.

Following on from the heartbreaking The Tiger Catcher and A Beggar’s KingdomInexpressible Island is the unmissable conclusion to the epic End of Forever saga.


‘Together they walked through fire. Together they walked through ice. The whole world and all that was in it was their Inexpressible Island.’

Nothing can quite prepare you for the End of Forever Saga, penned by master storyteller Paullina Simons. Inexpressible Island is the third and last book in the series, which allows Paullina Simons to draw the final curtain on this intrepid trilogy. A story of heartbreak, commitment, endurance, friendship, connections and the eternal flame of love, this tale will touch your soul.

Inexpressible Island begins with a few lead in questions. Where will all this lead us? Where will this end? These are the vital questions that form the very backbone of the End of Forever Saga, which now enters its third and final stage, with the release of Inexpressible Island. For the hero of this tale, Julian, he is sure that he still loves Josephine more than ever. However, Julian is now a broken man both physically and mentally. Julian knows that time is ticking away for him. He continues to battle against time, fate and life itself. Despite this, Julian thinks he has just one more lifeline, a chance to get back to Josephine and claim the love of a woman he cannot forget. Inexpressible Island sees Julian thrust into a world of war, battles, danger and dark forces.  It is a fight that Julian must complete if he is ever to life a life with his dear love. These ill-fated lovers must compete against the terrible hands of fate that continually deal them with blow after blow. But Julian is prepared to give everything up and all he has for the chance to be with his love.

What an explosive end to such a phenomenal saga! Inexpressible Island seems to go that one step further than the previous novels. It was gratifying from the open to close.

It was heartbreaking to see poor Julian, a character I have come to know and love from the previous two books, so broken and destroyed. However, I had my faith in Julian and I knew he was such an extraordinarily protagonist, that he would be able to find just one last ounce of energy to leap forth again to reach his forever love. Inexpressible Island further reiterated the power of this love connection, but also of Julian’s personal strength. Simons extends further upon her characters in this last issue. She cements their personalities and achievements once and for all. What I also appreciated were the truly deep friendships that are further entrenched in this last installment. It was a bonus extra to this ongoing love story.

There is no doubt that Paullina Simons is a writer made for grand and unforgettable love stories. She again demonstrates her prowess in this department and I was unable to criticise her work in romance stakes here. I don’t think I have encountered such passion, or a sheer commitment to love before this series. Inexpressible Island cements the ground work of the previous two issues and takes the power of this love that one step further. It really does lift your spirits high. Oh, if only we all had a Julian in our lives!

What carried this particular issue in the series to great heights for me was the historical landscapes conjured up by Simons. I feel I am unable to go into too much detail in this area, for fear of venturing into spoiler territory. However, I loved the insertion of the Blitz in London. The detail and period information, as well as the scene specific world building was quite spectacular. Informed clearly by the author’s commitment to research, it definitely took this novel over the line.

Simons makes a full revolution to the starting point by the time Inexpressible Island reaches its inevitable conclusion. By the time you close this book after a surprising but worthy ending, you will be shocked by everything that has been thrown at you. From worlds afar, unclaimed lands, dangerous time periods, friends, enemies, expeditions into the unknown, sacrifice and above all pure love, it is an unforgettable experience. Add Inexpressible Island, along the previous two exceptional novels to your reading list, if you are open to panoramic love stories, with a difference.

Inexpressible Island by Paullina Simons was published on 18th November 2019 by Harper Collins Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Inexpressible Island, Paullina Simons, visit here.

*I wish to thank Harper Collins Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

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  1. I want to read all of Paullina Simons’ books! These three sound as good as all her other books, sadly I don’t think I’ll get around to reading them this year unless I can match one up to the Popsugar challenge categories.

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