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New Release Book Review: Darkness For Light by Emma Viskic

Title: Darkness for Lightdarkness fir light small

Author: Emma Viskic

Published: December 2nd 2019

Publisher: Echo Publishing

Pages: 304

Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Crime, Thriller

RRP: $29.99

Rating: 4 stars

After a lifetime of bad decisions troubled PI Caleb Zelic is finally making good ones. He’s in therapy, reconnecting with the Deaf community, and reconciling with his beloved wife.

But he can’t escape his past.

A violent confrontation forces Caleb back into contact with his double-crossing partner, Frankie. When her niece is kidnapped, Frankie and Caleb must work together to save the child’s life. But their efforts will risk everything, including their own lives.


Ned Kelly and Davitt Award Winning Author Emma Viskic issues her readers with another thrilling chapter in her Caleb Zelic series. Darkness For Light is the third book in Emma Viskic’s carefully crafted crime thriller series, featuring enigmatic private investigator Caleb Zelic. This new novel consumes the reader from page one, in a deepening tale of corruption, assault, murder, underhanded tactics, kidnapping and money laundering. Author Adrian McKinty observes that this novel is ‘Clever, brilliantly observed… Viskic just keeps getting better.’ I definitely approve of this comment, McKinty is spot on.

A story of trust, betrayal and difficult decisions, Darkness For Light is the third installment of Emma Viskic’s Australian crime thriller series, featuring tormented private investigator Caleb Zelic. When the book opens, Caleb is making tentative steps towards a better life. He is making inroads in the deaf community, seeking therapy and he is attending to the fractured relationship with his wife. But one thing Caleb cannot control is his past, which comes back to haunt him in this new story. Caleb is soon embroiled in an assault and kidnapping, which leads him back into the world of his ex-partner. Caleb has tried hard to distance himself from his ex-partner Frankie, who has duped him in the past, but this time he is unable to remove himself from the escalating situation at hand. A young child’s life is on the line and Caleb is determined to save her, despite the danger that lurks in the background. Darkness For Light engulfs the reader in yet another addictive and intelligent crime mystery involving Caleb Zelic, a compelling lead.

I stumbled on the writing of Australian crime fiction talent Emma Viskic late last year while completing a reading challenge. Resurrection Bay proved to be an exceptional novel and I noted that Viskic’s writing was fresh, original and genuinely intriguing.  Due to time commitments I was unable to squeeze in book two in this series and instead Darkness For Light landed on the top of my review pile. I enjoyed the third issue in this additive crime thriller series and I will definitely be catching up on book two, sooner rather than later.

Caleb Zelic, Emma Viskic’s lead, takes centre stage again in  Darkness For Light. There is a great continuation of character in terms of Caleb, both in a professional capacity and his personal world. We bear witness to his strained relationships, his attempts to make positive connections and the uphill struggle he faces at all points of his life as a hearing impaired private investigator. Emma Viskic has gone to great lengths in this department, she learnt Auslan in an effort to ensure the authenticity of her lead protagonist. I feel deeply indebted to her efforts, as it has resulted in a realistic and sensitive portrayal of this likeable hero.

In terms of the secondary characterisation, this is top notch. Viskic includes a great array of supporting cast, who add plenty of complications to the narrative, but they also work to support to Caleb and the resulting investigation of this tale. Viskic’s colourful periphery cast comprises of a shady ex-partner, a beloved wife, understanding friends, foes, astute partners and a young girl who Caleb is committed to saving. Along the way we meet plenty of good and bad guys, which introduces themes of corruption, the underworld, violence, assault, murder, extortion, kidnapping and plenty of double crossing, which is all set to a local stage.

Viskic is one talented crime novelist and she manages to stay one step ahead of the reader at all points of Darkness For Light. Viskic goes to great lengths to ensure that her novel is puzzling, enslaving and textured. The writing style is quick paced and the curtailed prose seduces the audience into turning the pages of Darkness For Light at breakneck speed. I read this one in a sitting, which is an indication of my inherent desire to get to the bottom of the story as quickly as possible! Ultimately, Darkness For Light delivered on all fronts and I was gifted a story by Emma Viskic that was utterly intoxicating!

Darkness For Light is a tension filled story of conflicts, strained relationships and plenty of criminal dealings, that will keep seasoned fans of the genre captivated. Emma Viskic’s third outing with PI Caleb Zelic proved to be a gratifying novel, that will be sure to hit the spot for readers who enjoy crime thrillers!

Darkness For Light by Emma Viskic was published on 2nd December 2019 by Echo Publishing. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Darkness For Light, Emma Viskic, visit here.

*Thanks extended to Echo Publishing for providing a free copy of this book for review purposes.

Darkness For Light is book #151 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge




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