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New Release Book Review: The Inn by James Patterson & Candice Fox

Title: The Innthe inn small

Author: James Patterson & Candice Fox

Published: August 6th 2019

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

Pages: 384

Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Crime, Thriller

RRP: $32.99

Rating: 4 stars

An ex-detective is starting over in a small town, but his past won’t let him go in this captivating new stand alone from the world’s bestselling thriller writer.

James Patterson’s strongest team since the Women’s Murder Club are the first responders when their seafront town is targeted by vicious criminals.
Bill Robinson is starting over.

The Inn at Gloucester stands alone on the rocky New England shoreline. Its seclusion suits former Boston police detective Bill Robinson, novice owner and innkeeper. As long as the dozen residents pay their rent, Robinson doesn’t ask any questions.

Yet all too soon Robinson discovers that leaving the city is no escape from the dangers he left behind. A new crew of deadly criminals move into the small town, bringing drugs and violence to the front door of the inn.

Robinson feels the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. His sense of duty compels him to fight off the threat to his town. But he can’t do it alone. Before time runs out, the residents of the inn will face a choice.

Stand together? Or die alone.


James Patterson, the world’s bestselling thriller writer, and my favourite Australian crime writer, Candice Fox, have teamed up again for a new stand-alone novel. The Inn is this writing duo’s latest team composition. The Inn sees a band of misfits battling a drug lord, which is all set in the sleepy town of Gloucester, nestled against the New England region shoreline. The Inn instantly grabbed my attention and it refused to let go until the last word.

The action of the latest stand-alone thriller from James Patterson, with his partner Candice Fox, is set in Gloucester, in the vicinity of New England. Bill Robinson, a former detective from Boston, is the caretaker of an inn, which is a role he took on following the demise of his career. A new set of problems comes Bill’s way, when a crime spree takes place on his doorstep. In an attempt to overthrow the threats, violence, drugs dealing and criminal activity that is taking place in his territory, Bill knows what he has to do. With the help of the fellow residents of Bill’s inn, this troupe battles it out in an attempt to smoke out the trouble that has come knocking for the Gloucester community. The Inn is a story of life, death, choices, loyalties, grit and preservation.

The Inn immediately identifies who the good and bad guys and I liked this move by the authors, it was a little different. The good guys are Bill Robinson, the lead of this story, and his team of offbeat crusaders, who are the residents of Bill’s inn. I really loved this army, they were well rendered, flawed and very interesting to get to know. Fox and Patterson devote plenty of shared air time to this ensemble, so the audience feels a genuine connection to this likeable group. Within the group, Fox and Patterson have provided a good cross section of community members, each with their own set of problems. The cast really makes The Inn a highly readable book. Fox and Paterson have also opened up an opportunity for extension of this novel into a possible series in the future, through their approach to this stand-alone.

Anyhow, moving on, the distinct Pattersoneque style of short and succinct chapters, pretty much guarantees that the reader will race though this book at breakneck speed to reach the conclusion. Along the way, expect a small amount of predictability, along with some surprises, twists, turns and  heavy losses character wise. This was a little hard for me to take, as I seemed to develop a sense of loyalty for this cast, but The Inn is a compulsive thriller and a death needed to occur for this story to progress. If you are a fan of undercover style police work, I feel The Inn  will really draw appeal. With a set of protagonists leading the charge, comprising of an ex FBI agent, a former detective and returned solider, the narrative is certainly enhanced.

Many elements of The Inn compliment one another, so that this story really becomes a compelling thriller, combined with a brothers in arms style story. For me, the setting really enhanced the events of the novel. I loved the locale base of the inn, which is situated on a picturesque stretch of coastline in a small town, I found it be both inviting and intriguing. The cover really does the story justice and it certainly seduced me into selecting this book to read from my never ending review pile!

The Inn is a strong and fast paced story of good versus evil, loyalty, protection, justice, community spirit, revenge and valour. I can recommend The Inn to readers who have previously turned to the solo writing of either James Patterson or Candice Fox, or their successful collaborative efforts. This one won’t let you down!

The Inn by James Patterson & Candice Fox was published on 6th August 2019 by Penguin Books Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of The Inn, James Patterson, visit here.

To learn more about the author of The Inn, Candice Fox, visit here.

*I wish to thank Penguin Books Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

The Inn is book #118 of the 2019 Australian Women Writers Challenge

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