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Beauty & Lace Book Review: The Ex by Nicola Moriarty

Title: The Exthe ex small

Author: Nicola Moriarty

Published: June 17th 2019

Publisher: Harper Collins –  AU

Pages: 400

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary, Psychological, Thriller, Suspense

RRP: $32.99

Rating:  5 stars

Girl meets boy. They fall in love. There’s just one problem…

She wants him back. She wants you gone.

Luke is The One. After everything she’s been through, Georgia knows she deserves someone like him, to make her feel loved. Safe.

The only problem is his ex-girlfriend. Luke says Cadence is having trouble moving on. She texts Luke all the time and leaves aggressive notes on Georgia’s car.

Georgia starts to feel afraid. But she decides to confront Cadence … and that’s when things get interesting.

From the bestselling author of The Fifth Letter comes a twisty, pacy, gripping new novel that explores the baggage we carry from our past relationships and asks how well can you ever really know someone.


Nicola Moriarty returns with a tightly bound domestic thriller titled, The Ex. A story of falling in love, trust, betrayal, revealing your true colours and mystery, this novel will reel you in from the very first sentence, through to the final word. The Ex is definitely one of my favourite thriller novels of the year.

Imagine meeting the man of your dreams, only to find out that he has an ex who just won’t let go. Worse still, the ex has turned into the ultimate stalker! For hardworking nurse Georgia, when Luke enters her life, she believes that she may have met ‘the one’. But there are early warning signs when Luke reveals that he still lives with his ex girlfriend Cadence, a woman who is yet to accept her relationship with Luke is over. When strange and threatening things start to happen to Georgia, she immediately casts the blame on her boyfriend’s jealous ex girlfriend. While Luke comforts her, Georgia cannot shake the feeling that Cadence isn’t going to let Luke go without a fight. When Georgia eventually faces up to Cadence things take an interesting turn!

Like a number of other reviewers before me, I am going to tip toe around this one plot and content wise.  It is very easy to deliver a spoiler while discussing The Ex, and thus ruin this hooking thriller piece. I will say that Nicola Moriarty has delivered her best piece of fiction yet, this is her fifth novel, and it really seems like she has found her groove in the sub genre of domestic thriller fiction. Moriarty has obviously strived to deliver a balance between offering plenty of warning signals, but at the same time, keep her audience slightly at arm’s length. I was committed to The Ex from the very first sentence (even the author’s dedication to her children at the front made me snap to attention) and I really liked being pushed, pulled and turned every which way. Eventually, Moriarty completely shifted my stability with this book – by delivering a mind blowing plot twist. This demonstrates Moriarty’s true craft as a skilled writer for the thriller genre.

In Georgia, the main protagonist of this novel, Moriarty has presented a character that is incredibly normal and down to earth, with very real expectations. Georgia wants a solid relationship and a man to sweep her off her feet. When she meets and falls for charming Luke, we can’t help but want this couple to succeed. In Cadence, Luke’s ex, we want her out of the picture as soon as possible. For her meddling,  we want Cadence to get her just deserts, that is until something happens! Need I say more!

I also need to mention the themes that are incorporated within The Ex. Moriarty does an excellent job of shining a light in mental illness, depression, self harm and low self esteem. Her treatment of these issues comes with a strong degree of insight and sensitivity. It definitely adds another coating to this novel, which seemed to take it up another notch in my eyes.

I think this is the type of review where less is more. The Ex is by far an influential book, that I won’t forget any time soon. I raced through The Ex in a matter of hours, thanks to the unyielding plot, fascinating cast and everyday Australian setting.  The Ex is triumphant book from a talented Australian novelist and I’m already looking to Moriarty’s next one – with eager eyes!

The Ex by Nicola Moriarty was published on 17th June 2019 by Harper Collins – AU. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of The Ex, Nicola Moriarty, visit here.

*Please note that a free copy of this book was provided to me for review purposes through Beauty & Lace and Harper Collins – AU. To read the original review on the Beauty & Lace website please visit here.

The Ex is book #101 of the 2019 Australian Women Writers Challenge


5 thoughts on “Beauty & Lace Book Review: The Ex by Nicola Moriarty

  1. This book was so addictive I read in one sitting. Makes me never want to date again…. thanks for that Nicola. Such a well written story that makes you feel all the happy sad and anxious feelings with the characters, a book to read over and over for sure!


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