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Children’s Book Review: The Book That Never Ends (Books That Drive Kids Crazy, Book 5) by Matt and Beck Stanton

Title: The Book That Never Ends (Books That Drive Kids Crazy, Book 5) the book that never ends small

Author: Mat and Beck Stanton

Published: March 18th 2019

Publisher: Harper Collins –  ABC Books

Pages: 32

Genres:  Children (4+) Games & Activities

RRP: $19.99

Rating: 3 stars

For the Grown-Ups:

They say all good things come to an end … but don’t hold your breath!

You and the kids are about to zigzag your way through this book. Your choices will take you who-knows-where.

There’s a legend that some people once found the end, but we’re not convinced.

Oh, you think you can? Well, you’re welcome to try.

And the kids will love it!


The Book That Never Ends is the fifth instalment of the Books That Drive Kids CRAZY series. Penned by writing duo Beck and Matt Stanton, this is a challenging, interactive and fun tale that will be sure to grab the attention of young readers.

A book kids will be sure to love and induce some fun for the grown-ups too, The Book That Never Ends is about navigating your way through a hilarious, mind boggling and puzzling tale, in the hope of reaching the illusive end of this book. Along the way there are different paths and choices to be made. The end is in sight, or is it?

I am familiar with the work of Matt Stanton, I have read and enjoyed a number of his books with my family. This is my first experience of his work with Beck Stanton and my introduction to the series, The Books That Drive Kids CRAZY. I really liked the concept of this book, it was original, fresh and stimulating. What I appreciated most about The Book That Never Ends was the active role the reader is able to play with this book. There is a sense of ownership handed over to the audience as they control the pathway of the book. If you are lucky enough to read to the end, a sense of accomplishment also washes over the reader.

The illustrations featured in The Book That Never Ends are bold and clear, emphasising their importance within the text. The text to accompany the illustrations are simple and work to promote a read together experience. I enjoyed the opportunity to share this book with my own young children. My six year old really connected to this book, which is always a blessing! I do hope to investigate the previous four books in this fun filled series, the other books look just as a lively!

If you are looking for an active and quirky book that promotes high engagement within a text, look no further than The Book That Never Ends. This is an amusing and playful book that I recommend to all families.

The Book That Never Ends by Matt and Beck Stanton was published on 18th March 2019 by Harper Collins Books Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the authors of The Book That Never Ends, Matt and Beck Stanton, visit here.

I wish to thank Harper Collins Books Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

The Book That Never Ends is book #67 of the 2019 Australian Women Writers Challenge 

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