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Children’s Book Review: Melody Trumpet by Gabrielle Tozer

Title: Melody Trumpetmelody trumpet.jpg

Author: Gabrielle Tozer

Published: January 29th 2019

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 256

Genres:  Children (8+)

RRP: $16.99

Rating: 4 stars

As the daughter of global music superstars, Melody Trumpet was supposed to be extraordinary – a melodic genius to carry on the Trumpet legacy.

But, as was discovered when Melody screamed her first out-of-tune note as a baby, this wasn’t to be.

Ten years on, Melody is still kept away from the world in Trumpet Manor.

If only secrets could stay hidden …

For Melody Trumpet, it’s about finding the extraordinary in ordinary!


For young readers aged eight and over, Australian author Gabrielle Tozer has penned a tale full of music, heart, energy and confidence. Melody Trumpet has a heartfelt underlying message, that it is important to search for the ‘extraordinary in ordinary’. I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend Melody Trumpet to all junior fiction readers.

Melody Trumpet is the heir to the famous musically inclined Trumpet dynasty. Melody is the only daughter of Viola, a renowned opera singer and Barry T Trumpet, a highly regarded conductor. Together, the Trumpets have forged a musical empire. Since Melody’s conception, the Trumpets have nurtured her musical talents, hoping that Melody will continue on their musical legacy. But when Melody shows absolutely no signs of musical prowess, they are beside themselves. Even hiring Mr Pizzicato, a musical genius with an uncanny ability to even teach a chicken to sing in tune, is fruitless. With the upcoming gala at the exclusive music school Melody attends drawing near, Melody takes matters into her own hands. The Trumpets are determined to protect their reputation and will stop at nothing to conceal Melody’s inability to sing or play an instrument from the world. The final results culminate in plenty of adventure, fun and lessons to learn for all.

Gabrielle Tozer has made quite name for herself in the publishing world here in Australia. She has produced a number of award winning pieces and she has graced the young adult genre with releases such as, The Intern and Faking It. Melody Trumpet represents her first children’s novel, aimed at readers from eight years old and over. As an adult reader, I raced through this book and I greatly appreciated the reading experience Melody Trumpet afforded.

Melody is a kind and gentle soul. I really felt sorry for her and I am sure young readers with both connect with her and develop a sense of empathy for her position. Melody is stifled by her overbearing parents and their ridiculous expectations. Their ambitions for their only daughter have been cemented since Melody’s conception!

‘For nine months, he conducted the air around Mrs Trumpet’s belly morning after morning , night after night. Music from his thirteen award-winning classical compositions soared around the nursery, bouncing off the lemon and peach walls that had been decorated with musical notes.’

The central complication in this fun-filled junior fiction novel arises when the exclusive musical school Melody attends decides now is the time for Melody to make her debut in their upcoming gala. This is a huge deal, attended by a Prince and Princess nonetheless. The problem is, Melody and her parents have a huge secret. Melody is not musically inclined. We soon learn of Melody’s distinct lack of talent in the musical department from her sessions with Mr Pizzicato. The music teacher hired by Melody’s parents has been unable to teach her to sing, or play an instrument. When Mr Pizzicato reaches the end of this tether and has a breakdown, Melody is left to her own devices. It is here that young Melody must come up with a solution to ensure that she doesn’t disgrace her family’s name.

This is where the fun begins, Melody has been protected from the outside world until now and she bravely ventures into unexplored territory. She meets a busker and befriends a boy, Freddie, who has a scholarship at Melody’s school. It is here that Tozer shines, she takes on themes of friendship, respect, unity and bravery. Nicely tied into these junior fiction friendly themes is solid dose of self confidence, self belief and teamwork. I loved it and I’m sure young readers will too!

‘Melody had to admit that her words sounded beautiful and eerie with Clementine’s music. And she couldn’t help noticing Freddie swinging along.’

There are plenty of heroes and villains in this tale! I loved Clementine, Freddie, Moe and the workshop crew! Tozer has cast the ultimate bad guys in Melody’s parents, they were devious and insufferable. I was keen for them to get their just deserts!  A kidnapping and a big dose of fraud rounds off this novel nicely. Readers will be pleased with the final turn of events.

Melody Trumpet is a harmonious tale, full of heart, plenty of oomph and strength of character. If you are in need of a book to entertain your young reader, look no further than Melody Trumpet. A triumphant first children’s novel from Gabrielle Tozer.

‘No one on this planet is ordinary,’ Clementine scoffed. ‘Everyone has something that makes them extraordinary. It just takes some people longer to find out what their something is.’

Melody Trumpet by Gabrielle Tozer was published on 29th January 2019 by Harper Collins Books Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Melody Trumpet, Gabrielle Tozer, visit here.

I wish to thank Harper Collins Books Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

Melody Trumpet is book #9 of the 2019 Australian Women Writers Challenge 

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