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Book Broadcast: Man at the Window by Robert Jeffreys


Book Broadcast is a post I have created to help ease the load of the books I have for review. It is a great way to spread the word, providing recognition to an author or publisher for sending me a book to review. As my reviewing and blogging duties have stepped up a notch in the last year, I don’t often have the time to complete an in depth review. I hope you can discover some new titles to read through this regular book post.


An atmospheric crime novel with a burning moral dilemma at its heart, for fans of man in the window smallMichael Robotham, Jane Harper and Gary Disher.

When a boarding master at an exclusive boys’ school is shot dead, it is deemed accidental. A lazy and usually drunk detective is sent to write up the report. Cardilini unexpectedly does not co-operate, as he becomes riled by the privileged arrogance of those at the school. He used to have instincts. Perhaps he should follow them now. With no real evidence he declares the shooting a murder and puts himself on a collision course with the powerful and elite of Perth. As he peels back layers, the school’s dark secrets being to emerge. But is his dogged pursuit of justice helping or harming those most affected by the dead?

Man at the Window is the first in the Detective Cardilini series, set in 1960s Western Australia.


Man at the Window is the opening chapter in the Detective Cardilini series. Set in 1960s Perth, Western Australia, this is the first outing with the formidable Detective Cardilini. It examines the intriguing case of the shooting death of a school master of an exclusive boys boarding school, based in the leafy green suburbs of Perth. With alumni and the local police force keen to close this case, putting it down to a simple roo shooting accident gone wrong, Detective Cardilini takes more convincing. The trouble is, Detective Cardilini has gone down in the ranks. This once highly respected and sought after Detective is washed up, after the death of his wife a year ago. The Detective’s battle of the booze has overtaken his once exemplary police work. However, the strange case of a dead school master who wasn’t exactly liked intrigues the Detective. What follows is a fascinating police procedural, a rich detective based thread, an examination into the world of a broken man consumed by grief and a true to life glimpse into the social world of 1960s Australia. Man at the Window was an impulse airport bookshop buy, I was spurred on to read this novel based on the fact that it is set in my home state of WA. The finer details of the crime, as well as the fact that it was an introduction to a new detective series, all seemed to call to me. If you are a fan of good old fashioned police procedural novels, detective based stories and books that offer a comprehensive social history of Australia, particularly Perth in recent times (1960s), look no further than Man at the Window, by penned by first time novelist Robert Jeffreys. I look forward to book two, which is coming soon, Death of a Woman.

**** 4 stars

Man at the Window by Robert Jeffreys was published on 28th November 2018 by Bonnier Echo. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Book Broadcast: Man at the Window by Robert Jeffreys

  1. I do have to add this one to my runaway list (as yet it has not been culled) and I’ll make sure this one stays on it and Half Moon Lake too, hehehe. I enjoy reading books set in and around Perth because it’s where you live, Amanda, actually I’m trying to think if I have read any set in that area, I’m sure I have just can’t recall any at the moment. But oh, another series to add to my series book list! I’m thinking that’s going to be my new challenge next year – to read books in a series which I have many of on my unread shelves. Awesome review by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad this one made the cut, along with Half Moon Lake! That’s humbling to hear you enjoy Perth set books, as I do too. Yes another series, but this one is good and only just beginning! I do like your challenge idea of reading books in a series which you have unread on your shelves. A good way to clear the shelves. I would be interested in following your journey on that one!


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