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Exclusive cover reveal: Love Song by Sasha Wasley

In 2017, I reviewed fellow West Australian author Sasha Wasley’s debut novel, Dear Banjo. It was a book I absolutely adored and it has remained a firm fixture on my favourites list. Last year I was also given the opportunity to review Sasha’s second book, True Blue, another fabulous read. Now it is time to shine the spotlight on Sasha’s brand new release, Love Song. I was honoured when I received a personal invitation from Sasha to take part in a cover reveal –  thank you Sasha! Without further ado, here is a taster of what is to come via the book blurb:

The most anticipated Aussie rural romance novel of 2019, from the acclaimed author of Dear Banjo and True Blue.

When she agreed to tutor Charlie Campbell, falling in love was the last thing on her mind.

At 17, Beth Paterson had just lost her mother and was working hard to get in to university. She didn’t expect to lose her head over a boy – and she certainly didn’t expect him to vanish without even saying goodbye.

These days, Charlie is a big star on the alternative rock scene, while Beth is a respected doctor in her hometown. But her ordered life is thrown into turmoil when Charlie comes back to fight for the tiny community where he was raised. They can’t stop crossing paths any more than Beth can ignore the resurgence of that wild attraction they once shared.

However, Beth Paterson swore no man would ever screw her over again – least of all this man. She’s been protecting her heart since he left and she’s not about to let her guard down now.

Have I whet your reading appetite? Well, here is the stunning cover for Love Song.

lovesong big.jpg

Out June 4, 2019

Now available for pre-order from your favourite store as paperback or ebook.


And wait, there’s more…

Sasha has just sold the film rights to all three novels and we are hoping to soon see Willow, Free and Beth on the screen!


Wow, what a treat for Sasha Wasley fans, me included! Congratulations Sasha!




2 thoughts on “Exclusive cover reveal: Love Song by Sasha Wasley

  1. Now that Sasha’s books will be adapted to film I’ll have to read her three books as quickly as possible, I’ll put them at the top of my ‘to read’ list to read early January next year as I seriously can’t fit them in this year but I’m sure it’ll be a while before we see them on screen.

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