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Australian Women Writers Challenge Sign Up Post 2019

2019 aww badge.jpg

In 2019, I will continue to support the work of Australian Women Writers Writers Challenge, now in its eighth year, through my volunteer role as the resident round up editor for the romance genre. On a personal participant level, I aim to read and submit 100 books for the challenge.

Here is a snapshot of some of the books I want to read in 2019 by Australian women writers that I expect to include in the challenge.

the house of second chancescottage at rosella.jpgthe last days of the romanov dancersthe homestead on the river.jpgland girls.jpgstone countrya life of her own.jpgsomething in the wine.jpgsunshine kim kellythe french photographerlawson's bend.jpgsecrets of silvergum.jpg

without a doubt smallthe scholar.jpggone by midnight.jpg

What books are you eagerly anticipating written by our Australian women writers? Do let me know in the comments!

I am really looking forward to hitting my target of 100 books written by Australian women and sharing my thoughts with you via my reviews.

If you are interested in The Australian Women Writers Challenge I encourage you to sign up here.

Mrs B x




7 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers Challenge Sign Up Post 2019

  1. Way to go Amanda, I too have challenged myself to read 100 and review them this year and you have quiet a few there on your list that I will be reading, I am still way behind and have some awesome books to read from 2018, but I will get there, we are very privileged to have so many awesome female Aussie authors and they write such awesome stories, I do love getting lost in them and travelling around 🙂

    Have Fun



  2. A fantastic array of books you have there to read, Amanda. Most of them will eventually make it to my TBR pile.
    Looking forward to reading Meredith Appleyard’s and Alissa Callen’s new book, both sound interesting.
    I’ll be glad to get my coffee table pile of 70 books down to zero by the end of the year, I’ve had enough of looking at them the last two years lol and hopefully next year I’m able to participate in other challenges.

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    1. There sure are Sue, so much to look forward to reading wise, I’m sure this is just a dip in the ocean! I hope a few made it to you TBR.

      The two books you mentioned are also on my wish lis plus many more. My post could have gone on and on!

      Good to hear you are still on target to finish the coffee table pile. I’m sure you will do it! I look forward to your thoughts on these books. Are you donating the coffee tables books once read?

      Yes definitely would love to have you on board with some challenges next year – especially awwc!

      My focus this year is really that review pile. I have books from July 2018 waiting to be reviewed by the publisher, oh dear!


      1. Yes Amanda, I am donating the coffee table books once read to the person by the name of Amanda Barrett. LOL. So make room because 100s of books are coming your way, hee hee, ok maybe not 100s but quite a few, four bags are full already.

        Not sure if I’d join the aww challenge as I read the conditions and the reviews have to be quite long, I like writing very short ones two to four lines or thereabouts. But the bingo ones are always interesting.

        Ooh, you are behind with your review pile and that’s why I thought you were giving book bingo a miss this year but it’s too addictive, isn’t it? No going cold turkey for me either. Lol.

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      2. Thanks too kind of you but I need to let you in on a secret… I probably should have emailed or messaged you about it but my stepmum and I have decided to put the markets to rest. She has had awful back problems and I’m not prepared or devoted enough anymore to attempt the stall on my own. The biggest issue now is what to do with our stall books, over 1000. Sorry, I have now given you a problem of what to do with your books!

        That’s no problem with the challenge. I forget all the little guidelines, do what you are comfortable with challenge wise.

        Yes I’m still very behind on that review pile. My review writing these days seems to take longer and longer! I think if I’m going to give anything a miss this year it will be book club sadly. I’m going to see how i go in the early months of this year though. Book Bingo is bigger but I enjoy collaborating with Theresa and now Ashleigh, so I’ll honour my commitment!


  3. So sorry your stepmum is having back problems, I hope she gets better soon, and really sorry to hear that your book selling days are over though I’m sure it’s a tiny relief not having to get up so early in the morning anymore. Wow, over 1000 books, if I lived closer I’d take some of your hands lol. You could donate those 1000 books to different charities, book organisations etc. a couple of tubs at a time. I’ll donate some of my books to the Lions book shop, love that place as all books are only $2.

    A shame when reading challenges have guidelines, I thought they’re meant to be fun, never mind, there are other challenges with no restrictions!

    Sadly I will no longer be attending book club, my mind is definitely made up. Too many members now and they are just too serious.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts Sue. It was a hard decision to make, but after five good years and her back playing up it was time to put the markets to rest. I was fed up of a few things, mostly how it was eating into my whole weekend – beginning with packing Saturday afternoon, going to bed early sat night, waking early and feeling dead on my feet both sunday and even monday! The problem is all the books, we need to do either a garage sale or a couple of sale markets to clear them. After that if they don’t sell we will donate. We invested a lot of $$ which is why I was initially hesitant to quit, but I couldn’t really run the stall solo plus our hearts were not in it anymore 😦

      I’m sorry about the challenge guidelines, I do come across very short reviews in my romance round ups for AWWC though! One day I hope you can join us!

      Sorry you had to say goodbye to book club, but your reasons are justified. Plus if you are travelling more anyway this year, perhaps it was the right move. I’m going to see how I go with continuing on with Nicole’s book club. I truly want to focus on this out of control review pile! Plus I’ve taken on more with my new Tea with Mrs B series, do you know I have over 40 authors wanting interviews!


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