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Children’s Book Review: Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise by Mahima Kalla

Title: Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradisetreasure hunt small

Author: Mahima Kalla

Published: August 20th 2018

Publisher: Self

Pages: 113

Genres: Children (6-12 years)

Rating: 3.5 stars

Leia is a history teacher with a fascination for pirate history and culture. She is one of select few people who know about the existence of Pirate’s Paradise – a tiny deceivingly beautiful island, tucked away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The island’s picturesque beauty could easily mislead the untrained eye, for amid the stunning forests and colourful birds, lay many grave dangers. Legend has it, that hidden in the hinterland of Pirate’s Paradise, is ancient pirate treasure. When Leia is given the opportunity to go treasure hunting at Pirate’s Paradise, she couldn’t think of a better travel companion than Krish. Krish is her 12-year old nephew with a passion for wildlife and adventure. Together they make a great team. But, Pirate’s Paradise is not for the faint-hearted. Will Leia and Krish successfully navigate the many dangers of Pirate’s Paradise and find the ancient pirate treasure?


Adventure awaits in Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise, the introductory book in The Audacious Adventurers Series. This opener is aptly named and works as a great launch into an exciting new children’s book series. It features a passionate history teacher, Leia, with a penchant for anything pirate related. Along for the ride is Leia’s nephew, the infectious Krish. Together this duo uncovers the secrets of an idyllic island masking as a pirate’s haven, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What this partnership discovers during their time at pirate’s paradise covers everything one expects from a typical pirate story; parrots, boats, maps and of course, good old fashioned pirate treasure!

There is a Peter Pan crossed with Treasure Island feel to Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise. This chapter novel pays homage to many great children’s pirate books of times past. While Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise contains some commonly known features of other books with pirates as the main subject matter, this one does try to set itself apart from the crowd. Pleasing and individualised aspects of the novel include fire fairies, caverns and banana spiders. This is an imaginative book and the prose definitely works to ignite the natural sense of curiosity a child possesses.

Author Mahima Kalla works hard to draw a vivid picture of her setting for her target audience. The setting does feel like a character that sits quite comfortably beside the leads, Leia and Krish.

‘The island was breathtaking in its charm, and exceeded all their expectations. It was a beautiful day too. The sun was shining, the water was crystal clear and the air was fresh’.

The book’s illustrations are thoughtfully embedded within the text, adding another dimension to this tale. The illustrations featured in Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise are definitely in tune with the narrative. The illustrations add to the mystery, colour and overall direction of the book. My young audience and I only wished they were slightly more enlarged as we appreciated them very much.

Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise is an early chapter style book, targeted at readers aged 6 to 12. My son (8 years old) did find some words complex and he needed assistance to decode them. However, I do feel that Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise can easily be used in a read aloud situations. The chapters are structured in a way that a hook is delivered at the close of each chapter, so the reader feels both intrigued and compelled to read on to discover the final treasure. The device of a map to follow with clues and the mishaps that occur along the way, ensures the reader plays an active role in connecting with this book. In addition, the magical promise of unearthing ancient treasure at the close of the journey will be sure to enthrall any aspiring swashbuckler!

Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise began as an impromptu story from an aunt to her beloved nephew. Mahima Kalla has breathed life into this imaginative story by transferring Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise to paper for children around the county and beyond to explore.

Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise by Mahima Kalla was published on 20th August 2018. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise, Mahima Kalla, visit here. 

*Thanks extended to the author for providing a free copy of this book for review purposes.

Treasure Hunt at Pirate’s Paradise is book #129 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge


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