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Pre Release Book Review: Table for Eight by Tricia Stringer

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A cruise – no matter how magical – can’t change your life. Can it…?

Clever, charming dressmaker Ketty Clift is embarking on her final cruise from Sydney before she must make serious changes in her life. Supported by the ship’s all–powerful maitre d’ Carlos, she has a mission: transform the lives of those who join her at her dining table every evening. Not only can Ketty turn Cinderellas into princesses with her legendary style–eye, but she has a gift for bringing people together.

But this trip is different. As the glamour and indulgence of the cruise takes hold, and the ship sails further away from Sydney towards the Pacific Islands, it becomes clear that her fellow travellers – a troubled family, a grieving widower and an angry divorcee determined to wreak revenge on her ex – are going to be harder work than usual.

As Ketty tries to deal with her own problems, including the unexpected arrival on board of her long–lost love, Leo – the man who broke her heart – as well as troubling news from home, she begins to realise this might be the one cruise that defeats her…

My review:

Take a trip across the high seas from Sydney and sail to the Pacific region with Tricia Stringer, a much valued Australian storyteller. Table for Eight is Stringer’s latest read and it is pleasing to see Stringer, an author I have followed closely since her first release, branch further afield. Table for Eight is set on a cruise liner, the ‘Diamond Duchess’, which is a complete change from Stringer’s usual rural based settings. Time spent with the delightful passenger and crew based cast, led by Ketty Clift on her farewell voyage, is the closest a reader can get to cruising on board a luxury liner. Stringer’s inviting new novel is sprinkled with moments of self refection, relationship building, friendships and love. Stringer’s carefully placed setting illumination ensures that we get an insider’s view of life on board a cruise ship. Life on board is gently combined with Ketty’s personal journey, which comes with plenty of secrets, resurfaced memories, family dynamics, broken hearts, regret and loss. The stunning backdrop of the Pacific region, lovingly portrayed by Stringer, ignites new memories, friendships, sparks relationships and induces life changes. Table for Eight is a solid addition to the Tricia Stringer collection.

Table For Eight by Tricia Stringer is to be published on 24th September 2018 by HQ Fiction Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Table for Eight, Tricia Stringer, visit here.

*I wish to thank Better Reading for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

Table for Eight, is book #99 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge

7 thoughts on “Pre Release Book Review: Table for Eight by Tricia Stringer

  1. Tricia is touching the stars now. What a fabulous premise. Prediction: this book is going to shoot her right up there, to where all writers dream.
    Heading off to pre-order this in my library now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I do hope that rural romance isn’t dying out! Hopefully they will alternate their contemporary fiction with rural, a bit like Rachael Johns. It is a lovely cover Sue, it reflects the story well.


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