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Book Broadcast: The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland


Book Broadcast is a post I have created to help ease the load of the books I have for review. It is a great way to spread the word, providing recognition to an author or publisher for sending me a book to review. As my reviewing and blogging duties have stepped up a notch in the last year, I don’t often have the time to complete an in depth review. I hope you can discover some new titles to read through this regular book post.


Mezz is overweight and overworked: she’s convinced it’s only a matter of time until her husband starts to stray.

Jewels is fat and fabulous, but if she wants the baby she craves, the Tim Tams have to go.

Ellie’s life looks perfect to her London friends on Facebook: she keeps her waistline out of the photos and her loneliness to herself.

Kat will do anything to keep her daughter Ami happy and safe. If she can just lose that baby weight, she’s sure Ami’s dad will stick around.

In this heartwarming, heartbreaking story, four women who meet online in a weight loss forum learn that losing weight might not be the key to happiness, but believing in the ones you live – and yourself – just might be.

Lisa Ireland inserted herself onto my list of favourite Australian rural romance novelists with her wonderful book, Feels Like Home. Now Lisa branches out into the growing women’s fiction or life lit genre, with The Shape of Us. This a powerful novel about the wonders of female friendship, when four complete strangers bond over weight loss, all joining the same program, WON, a weight loss forum. The results are not a tribute to the weight loss industry, but rather an unforgettable yarn of the pull of friendship. Ireland chooses to use weight as a backdrop rather than let it take over this full bodied narrative. Ireland illustrates how friendship can form through online posts, which is very relevant in today’s social media focussed world. Ireland also sensitively portrays hard hitting issues such as the immigrant experience, infertility, adultery, marriage crisis, domestic abuse, illness and sexuality. Lisa Ireland’s first venture into the field of women’s fiction is a success story. I also want Lisa Ireland to know I really appreciate her willingness to confront issues pertinent to some many women, across Australian and the world of any age or life situation. How many times do we step on those dreaded scales, or get out the tape measure and wonder how the weight managed to creep up on us? Ireland is courageous and thoughtful in her approach to addressing issues many women and men can relate to, the weight loss experience. A powerful tale of love, friendship and self belief. One not to be missed!

The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland was published in March 28th 2017 by Pan Macmillan. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Book Broadcast: The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland

  1. Great review Amanda I have this one on my massive TBR pile and it has been there since its release I really need to get to this one, Lisa has never disappointed me in one of her books 🙂

    Have Fun


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