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#Book Bingo 2018: ‘A foreign translated novel’ – Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One by Raphaelle Giordano

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#Book Bingo 2018 is a collaboration challenge I am completing with my favourite blogger, Theresa Smith WritesHow does it work?  We have devised our own personalised book bingo card game. Twice a month, on the first and third Saturday of the month, Theresa and I will complete a book review post, outlining our respective bingo card entries. The book bingo card contains a total of 25 squares, which we will complete over the course of the year. To accommodate all the squares, we will be posting additional entries in the months of March and June, this will ensure that we stay on track to complete the book bingo game by December. To keep things interesting for ourselves and those following along with us, the choice of bingo square to be covered will be entirely down to us. We invite you to join us in this fun book related challenge, by linking your bingo card entries in the comments section of this post or by visiting Theresa Smith Writes.

This enchanting, feel-good novel was a runaway no.1 bestseller in France, parking your 2nd life smallitself in the top ten for 56 weeks. 

“You’re probably suffering from a type of acute routinitis.”
“A what?”
“Acute routinitis. Finding it hard to feel happy despite an abundance of material wealth, a feeling of disillusionment and lethargy, amongst other things.”
“But . . . How do you know all that?”
“I’m a routinologist.”
“A routino-what?”

At thirty-eight and a quarter years old, Paris native Camille has everything she needs to be happy: a good job, a loving husband, a wonderful son. Why then does she feel as if happiness has slipped through her fingers? All she wants is to find the path to joy and fulfilment.

When Claude, a Sean Connery look-alike and routinologist, offers his unique advice to help get her there, she seizes the opportunity with both hands.

Camille’s journey is full of surprising escapades and richly meaningful lessons, as she sets out to transform her life and realize her dreams one step at a time. . .

My review:

Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One penned by French writer Raphaelle Giordano, is a delightful self-help book, dressed in the form of a heart-warming novel. It follows the journey of Camille, a thirty something French woman, who decides she has had enough of her mundane day-to-day existence and sets about to make a great change, with the help of Claude, a routinologist.

When and how do we find our happy place? These are the questions that define Raphaelle Giordano’s worldwide bestseller, Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One. Camille is thirty eight, she has a husband, son and stable job. She has all the comforts that would make one happy. But lately Camille has felt the opposite of happy, she feels unfulfilled and dissatisfied with her current way of life. A car accident, followed by the chance encounter with a stranger named Claude, a routinologist, sets Camille off on a journey to make some changes in her life. Camille’s metamorphosis is marked by some surprising adventures, along with some valuable life lessons that will significantly alter Camille’s mindset, as well as tap in to her dreams.

My search for a translated book for my next round book bingo 2018 directed me in the pathway of a new release book with a lengthy but catchy title, Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One by Raphaelle Giordano. I was keen to read this book as although it is a new release, it was first published in 2015, in France. Since then it has been a worldwide success, with the front cover stating ‘bestselling French novel that made 2 million readers happier’. It now makes its Australian debut and with such a cheerful cover, I’m sure this one will capture Australian readers. Personally I adore anything related to France, so I was very enthusiastic about reading this particular translated novel.

Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One is a novel that reads much more like self-help guide, in fact, readers will find a list of techniques used by the lead and prescribed by Claude the routinologist at the close of the novel. Those who are inspired by the ideas explored in this novel will find this extra inclusion useful. However, using this self help guide wrapped up in a warm-hearted novel format, means that any great character exploration does not occur. I was a little frustrated by the lack of depth and potential to explore the reasons why Camille feels dissatisfied with her life.

Despite these misgivings with the book. I liked the process Camille went through to change her life. The tasks Claude issues Camille with range from small-scale to large-scale. On the whole they were believable and entertaining. I did enjoy witnessing Camille’s growth and development into the person she wanted to be. Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One could be taken as a reflective tool and a catalyst for change in your own life. I know, as a thirty something like Camille, there have been moments where I have felt the same sorts of feelings Camille experiences. My only problem with Camille’s particular situation was that I couldn’t fathom why a woman living in my favourite part of the world would feel unhappy, but it happens!

Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One is a light and refreshing read. It is has a great contemplative tone, which makes it quite the little crowd pleaser. If you enjoy self-help style novels in the same vein as Eat Pray Love, this one should appeal.

Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One by Raphaelle Giordano was published on July 16th 2018. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One, Raphaelle Giordanovisit here


4 thoughts on “#Book Bingo 2018: ‘A foreign translated novel’ – Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One by Raphaelle Giordano

  1. #Book Bingo 2018: ‘A book written by an Australian man’ – Me and Rory MacBeath by Richard Beasley

    I couldn’t keep my nose out of this book, totally absorbing.

    This was a surprising read as the blurb on the back cover didn’t give much away, which is a good thing and made reading the story that much more intriguing.

    This coming of age story set in Adelaide in 1977 follows the lives of a few families living on Rose Avenue, a middle class residential area. Thirteen year old Jake and Robbie are best friends and have the time of their lives playing on their street until Rory Mcbeath and his family move in and then things begin to change. I thought I was going into a lovely light read about boys growing up in suburbia, yes, the first 25% was reasonably cheery but the next 75% the reader is taken into the world of some tough issues which makes this a gut wrenching read.

    The relationship Jake had with his mother, Harry, was unique and amazing and their banter made me laugh many times. And oh gosh, the courtroom scenes were brilliant.

    A fabulous novel with engaging and strong developed characters makes this a book well worth reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wishing you a happy book bingo for August Sue and thanks for adding in your review for the category of ‘a book written by an Australian man’.
      I have heard of this author but haven’t read any of his work so it was good to get an overview of his writing style via your review.
      I do love coming of age Aussie based tales, so I would be interested in investigating it at some stage in the future. When was it published?


      1. Published in 2013 and if you haven’t found it in the next 18 months, when we come your way I’ll pass it on to you.


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