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Book Broadcast: The Lightkeeepers Daughters by Jean E. Pendziwol


Book Broadcast is a post I have created to help ease the load of the books I have for review. It is a great way to spread the word, providing recognition to an author or publisher for sending me a book to review. As my reviewing and blogging duties have stepped up a notch in the last year, I don’t often have the time to complete an in depth review. I hope you can discover some new titles to read through this regular book post.

About The Lightkeepers Daughters:lightkeeprs small

For fans of THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS and THE ICE TWINS; an unlikely friendship, a lost journal, and the mystery of what happened to The Lightkeepers Daughters when a secret love changed everything

Elizabeth’s eyes have failed. She can no longer read the books she loves or see the paintings that move her, but her mind remains sharp and music fills the vacancy left by her blindness.

When her father’s journals are discovered on a shipwrecked boat, she enlists the help of a delinquent teen, Morgan, to read to her. As an unlikely friendship grows between them, Elizabeth is carried back to her childhood home – the lighthouse on Porphyry Island, Lake Superior – and to the memory of her enigmatic twin sister Emily.

But for Elizabeth, the faded pages of her father’s journals reveal more secrets than she anticipates.

Novels based around lighthouses have always taken my interest. I cast my mind back to The Light Between the Oceans, the brilliant debut by M.L. Stedman, Lighthouse Bay by Kimberley Freeman and The Lightkeeper’s Wife by Karen Viggers. I have enjoyed each and every one of these lighthouse themed novels. When I came across new release, The Lightkeepers Daughters, by Jean E. Pendziwol, I was confident I was going to enjoy this novel. The use of a shipwreck, a journal and a family mystery, plus an unfamiliar backdrop of an island off Ontario in Canada, all contributed to my interest. I did read this book, which became rather a reluctant effort by the end. I have to confess that it didn’t speak to me, for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. Therefore, I would struggle to complete a fair review. Since there is a plethora of great reviews on this book on the Goodreads site, I’m going to put this down to my own frame of mind. Check out the reviews here if you are tempted to give this one a whirl.

The Lightkeepers Daughters by Jean E. Pendziwol, was published on 11th July 2017 by Hachette Books Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

10 thoughts on “Book Broadcast: The Lightkeeepers Daughters by Jean E. Pendziwol

  1. I love the premise of the book, but it will have to pass me by right now. I have a book on my TBR pile, Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall (Black inc.) whom I saw at the Historical Writers Conference in Melbourne last year. It’s set on an Australian cape in the 1880s – a retelling of an historical mystery. I purchased it because I found Kate’s passion for the story contagious – it promises to be a great read. (Plus I loved The Light Between Oceans.)
    I’m too caught up reading right now to inform my novel writing, so it’s hard to put Kate’s book back on the shelf. It comes with high recommendations.

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    1. I liked the premise too Jay and I have a weakness for lighthouse stories but this one fell flat for me. Sorry you have to pass too! I loved Kate Mildenhall’s novel, it is exquisite, you have book beauty there! I’m slightly jealous that you managed to listen to her in person too!

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      1. It was the Historical Novel Society of Australasia Conference, 2017. There will be another in 2019. I’m thinking Adelaide, but may be wrong. Wherever – I’m going. It was a journey into authors’ hearts and souls. History = caring about the struggles of real people. I caught up with many writers I knew through RWA, or read and loved. (And many I want to read of course!)

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  2. Steven and I have a passion for lighthouses. One day when we travel and explore Australia’s coast we’ll be in search for these magnificent architectural structures.
    I have a gorgeous ceramic lighthouse displayed on my cupboard and above on the wall is a painting of Wollongong Harbour featuring one of its lighthouses.
    Now, next step is to read lighthouse themed novels, what fun!

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    1. What a wonderful idea… can I join you on your lighthouse cruise? And your ceramic lighthouse sounds delightful, what a keepsake! I just love lighthouse themed books. Hazel Gaynor, a historical fiction novelist I recently discovered has a new lighthouse themed book out soon 🙂 Enjoy your own lighthouse reading journey!


      1. Thank you, it will be a fun journey!
        Hehe of course you can join us, would love that, actually, if there are any out your way you can be our tour guide! 😁 Xoxo

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