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Book Broadcast: Come Rain or Shine by Tricia Stringer


Book Broadcast is a post I have created to help ease the load of the books I have for review. It is a great way to spread the word, providing recognition to an author or publisher for sending me a book to review. As my reviewing and blogging duties have stepped up a notch in the last year, I don’t often have the time to complete an in depth review. I hope you can discover some new titles to read through this regular book post.

About Come Rain or Shine:come rain or shine

A wedding and a will, a bushfire and a baby: who said the country was quiet?

Paula knew when she moved to the country that the life would be tough. Nearly a year into her marriage with farmer Dan, and now pregnant, she is proud of her ability to feed shearers, bake a pastie and fix a fence while still running her accountancy business from home. With a wedding to plan, the farm to run and neighbours to help out, life is busy but good.

But there are clouds on the horizon. Dan is increasingly tired and distant. He promised he would always tell her the truth, so why is he being so mysterious about his late father’s will? And why is his abrasive Aunt Rowena suddenly so interested in the sex and due date of Paula’s baby? As bushfires rage, Paula makes a discovery that shocks her and threatens all she holds dear.

South Australian rural romance novelist Tricia Stringer delivers another top notch read with, Come Rain or Shine. Following on from her previous novel, A Chance of Stormy Weather, Come Rain or Shine offers readers a chance to reconnect with the Woodcrofts. The tale that unfolds is not only a realistic day-to-day account of life on the land, but it also includes a wedding, a baby, an unexpected land claim and a nature’s force – a bushfire. Life certainly isn’t mundane at Wood Dell! I always look forward to a new Tricia Stringer novel, she is by far one of my favourite rural romance novelists. I was also keen to read this one even more as I have read and enjoyed its predecessor, A Chance of Stormy Weather. Come Rain or Shine was another delightful read from Tricia Stringer. For a novel first released as a self published edition back in 2008, I’m glad to see Come Rain or Shine re-released in a commercial fiction format. Come Rain or Shine is a rural romance that offers the audience a plentiful reading experience, especially in increasing our understanding of the challenges and persistence that goes into making a living from our outback. Full of love, drama and intrigue, this one shouldn’t be missed.

Come Rain or Shine by Tricia Stringer was published on 23rd October 2017 by Harlequin-Mira Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

Come Rain or Shine, is book #82 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge

12 thoughts on “Book Broadcast: Come Rain or Shine by Tricia Stringer

  1. I’ve just picked this up this week. I have the historicals of Tricia’s (still waiting to open them.) When I saw this title on audio I snapped it up, and it happened to follow a disappointing listen to one of my once-favourite Australian RR writers, Di Morrissey.
    Here is my review for Tricia in three words:
    Step aside Di. ❤️

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    1. Great to hear Jay! I sure you will enjoy Tricia’s work, especially her historicals. I had a little chuckle over your comment on step aside Di!! I am left wondering now what audio of Di’s was disappointing?


      1. The Red Coast. I’m going back to listen to her early ones like the long road home and Barra creek? (With the family saga running over a few books.). I’m not in a position to look them up atm. I felt bad that I sounded like I put her down, bc she’s been so inspirational to me. That said, I just revisited Bryce Courtenay’s Four Fires and loved it still. Tricia really has that early DM feel going on. I’m about up to the bushfire you foreshadowed I’m suspecting. The tension is building with the will, the wedding and the weather!!!

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      2. That’s a shame The Red Coast didn’t work for you. I enjoyed The Long Road Home, but Barra Creek is one of the very few I have left to read of Di’s work. I don’t think you put her down at all, I agree there are some authors out there that are giving her a run for her money for sure! I agree Tricia has a great Di/Judy Nunn feel. Bryce Courtenay is an author I am yet to get to – surprisingly.


  2. Both of Tricia Stringer’s novels you’ve mentioned were at the Lions book shop for $2.00 each and silly me decided not to buy them. Reading your review I wish I had of now. Perhaps they are still there when I return some time this week.

    See, two reviews a day is not so bad after all, hey? I’m loving it. One long and one short review, absolutely brilliant!

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    1. Oh no! that’s a bargain. I hope they are still there – if they are it’s fate, you were meant to read them! Thanks for the positive feedback too on the two reviews a day, it helps!


    2. Go to the library for them! If you’ve been following today’s posts here, you’ll see authors get royalties each time a book is borrowed (audio or hard copy) Sue. And you’ll save your money for her newest release instead.

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      1. I haven’t followed todays anything yet I still have to catch up, Jay. But I hear you on authors receiving royalties. If I do buy books from charity stores I still borrow those books from the library as I know it helps the authors – I keep them for a few days then return them.

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      2. That’s ok Sue. No need to explain. I do much the same. Op shop finds are usually spur of the moment decisions, and simply must be taken advantage of. Some beautiful books have come into my life that way.

        Also, it all works out: I’ll often take out a print book alongside my audio version so I can study the author’s style if appropriate. So, double duty! Despite working in a library, I can’t help going through op shop collections and also buy books online regularly. Then there’s always shoes…

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  3. LOL Amanda! I’m up on all the royalties the authors receive. I read a post Tara Moss shared a couple of years ago and I have never forgotten how vital it is to borrow from the library that it also helps the publishers to keep the authors on their books.

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