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Children’s Book Review: Goat’s Coat by Tom Percival and illustrated Christine Pym

Title: Goat’s Coatgoat's coat small

Author:  Tom Percival

Illustrator:  Christine Pym

Published: May 1st 2018

Publisher: Bloomsbury Australia

Pages: 32

Genres:  Children (0-5)

RRP: $14.99

Rating: 4 stars

Let me tell you the tale of Alfonzo the goat, 
who was terribly proud of his lovely new coat.
Alfonzo was happy; he pranced and he skipped. 
Then he heard a sad noise, croaking out of a ditch.

When Alfonzo the goat discovers a host of creatures who need help, he doesn’t hesitate. Using his precious, much-loved coat, he finds ways to solve their problems – fashioning a boat for frogs out of a cuff, for instance. But soon he’s down to the last thread and it’s started to snow… What will he do?

A really fun, rhyming story about a very generous goat, celebrating friendship and kindness, with extremely cute illustrations by Christine Pym.

My review:

Goat’s Coat, written by Tom Percival and illustrated by Christine Pym is a book deeply seeped in appealing rhyme and bright illustrations. Goat’s Coat features Alfonzo, a kindly goat, who just adores his new coat. But we quickly learn by closely following Alfonzo’s journey that Alfonzo is no ordinary goat. In fact, Alfonzo is a most giving goat, who will go to great lengths to help other creatures in need. With his trusty new coat, Alfonzo will capture every child’s heart with his kindness and the happiness that follows the simple acts of kindness that Alfonzo performs.

Goat’s Coat is a delightful new book from Tom Percival and Christine Pym that quickly garnered a place in my heart and will remain a family favourite for some time to come. It didn’t take long for the cute lead of this tale, Alfonzo the goat, to work his way into my family’s heart.  I am confident that Goat’s Coat will be welcomed into many family homes.

As an Early Childhood educator, what immediately struck me about Goat’s Coat was the great range of teachable moments in this book. Goat’s Coat is a picture book that I believe will work for both parents and educators. Author Tom Percival covers the act of giving, developing friendships, kindness and self confidence.  Themes wise, Goat’s Coat could easily be slotted into discussions on animals, weather, seasons and patterns. It is all presented in a very accessible format.

Goat’s Coat reads well and is perfect for either read aloud sessions in an education setting, or for personal use at home. Goat’s Coat  would also make the ideal bed time storybook. The use of rhyme impressed me greatly, which is an indication of the talent of the author, Tom Percival. I also appreciated the careful balance between humour, sentiment and character dialogue in Goat’s Coat

Supporting Percival’s clear and clean text are the stunning illustrations by Christine Pym. The illustrations offset the text just perfectly. They are bright, visually appealing and in keeping with the overall style of the novel. The stunning brush print that works as an overlay to the background on many of the pages of this book was a nice touch. All the animals illuminated by Pym’s illustrations are both a great combination of cute and realistic in the same breath.

The language, illustrations and content present in Goat’s Coat are all suitable for a younger end audience, typically children aged under the age of six will get the most benefit from this book. Therefore, it is with pleasure that I recommend this great new title, Goat’s Coat. Tom Percival’s new picture book is a wonderful title and one that I encourage you to add to your family bookshelf.

Goat’s Coat by Tom Percival and illustrated by Christine Pym was published on 1st May 2018 by Bloomsbury Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Goat’s Coat, Tom Percival, visit here.

To learn more about the illustrator of Goat’s Coat, Christine Pym, visit here.

*I wish to thank Bloomsbury Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.


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