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Book Review: Head Over Heels by Evie Snow

Title: Head Over Heelshead over heels small

Author: Evie Snow

Published: April 16th 2018

Publisher: Exile Publishing

Pages: 60

Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

RRP: $0.99

Rating: 4 stars

A dress store owner who thinks big. A fallen soap opera star who’s out of luck. Second chance love is a spectator sport…

Pin-up clothing store owner Madeline Evans always spends her July 4th on the beach writing down her goals. As she perfects her life improvement plan, she keeps an eye out for her fantasy man. Every year, she watches her almost-prom-date-turned-famous-actor jog along the same beach where she writes her resolutions. But she never expected to actually have to talk to him…

Cal Greyson’s acting career just took a sharp turn for the worse. After losing his bid to star in a blockbuster flick, his steady job at a soap opera is cut short in the most embarrassing way possible. It’s the cherry on the sundae when he falls down during his annual jog through his hometown beach. As the onlookers start recording with their smartphones, he’s rescued by the most surprising person imaginable…

The former high school classmates hide out in Madeline’s house until the coast is clear. As they revisit the past, a little white lie Madeline spread about Cal in her youth may keep them from fantasizing about their future… 

My review:

Evie Snow is an author who clearly knows a thing or two about romance. Snow’s latest novella, Head Over Heels, showcases her ability to draw two appealing leads together in a superb second chance love story that is equal parts sexy and sweet. If you pick up any of Evie Snow’s stories, Head Over Heels included, you know you are in capable hands and you will be rewarded with a cracking romance tale.

At the heart of Head Over Heels is Madeline Evans, the cute owner of a pin-up clothing store. We are introduced to Madeline on a pivotal date in the US calendar, July 4th.  Religiously, every year, Madeline flocks to the beach over the July 4th weekend. As she sits plotting her goals and dreams, she always spies the same fantasy man jogging down the beach. Madeline watches on with longing but she never dreamed that one day she would be in with a chance with this stunning specimen! The object of Madeline’s affection is Cal Greyson. Cal’s glittering career in the acting world has hit a snag. He was recently cut from a lucrative role in a huge blockbuster movie. To makes matters worse, an embarrassing incident has also derailed his TV career in soap opera. One fateful day while Cal is jogging, he takes a tumble and an unlikely figure comes to rescue him. While Cal hides from the world in Madeline’s house, this safe haven encourages a new relationship to form. Head Over Heels is a fun romantic comedy, full of unexpected moments and an undeniable attraction between the two appealing leads.

Head Over Heels marks my first visit to the town of Sanctuary, the feature locale of author Evie Snow’s brand new series. The first instalment in the series kicks off with a bang. I was immediately struck by the humour and fun loving nature of this book. It was a pure delight from start to finish.

Do not be fooled by the small size of this quick shot style romance novel., it still packs a love punch! Head Over Heels definitely made quite the impression on me, leaving me feeling warm and fuzzy inside! The physical attraction of these two well crafted and sexy leads transfer well onto the page of Head Over Heels. I thoroughly enjoyed following cal and Madeline’s journey. The dialogue is fresh and snappy. Snow makes it easy for the reader to draw a connection to her leads and cheer on their pairing!

What I loved most about this novella was the sense of place. Snow lovingly paints a solid picture of Sanctuary. The beach scenes were vivid and I appreciated being transported from my cold and dreary lounge room, to the sunny beach locale of Sanctuary.  The setting was so attractive that I will admit that I didn’t want to leave. Once the novella reached its conclusion I was glad to have another Sanctuary story waiting in the wings!

If you feel inclined to check out the author Evie Snow’s website, I guarantee you will be drawn to her tagline ‘because happy endings are awesome’. I feel this encapsulates Evie Snow’s writing and her books, they leave a smile on your dial and they are packed full of heart warming characters, as well as great happy ever after storylines. So, if you are after a short and sweet style read, featuring a lightning quick romance, which I guarantee will make your day a happier one, look no further than Head Over Heels.

Head Over Heels by Evie Snow was published on April 18th 2018 by Exile Publishing. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Head Over Heels, Evie Snow visit here

*I wish to thank the author, Evie Snow, for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.

Head Over Heels is book #46 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge



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