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Children’s Book Review: Danny Best: Me First! by Jen Storer

Title: Danny Best: Me First!danny best small

Author: Jen Storer

Published: January 22nd 2018

Publisher: Harper Collins Books Australia

Pages: 304

Genres:  Fiction, Children’s

RRP: $17.99

Rating: 4 stars

For fans of WEIRDO, DIARY OF A WIMPY KID and FUNNY KID FOR PRESIDENT comes the third book in a hilarious series about a LEGEND named Danny Best. Best by name, Best by reputation …

Danny Best is always first.
First to wrestle a wild pig.
First to swim with crocodiles.
First to eat the eyeballs of a dead yak.

If the challenge is EPIC, Danny will be first.

Read this book. It’s filled with four AWESOME stories, each one about Danny Best. So you’ll be impressed.

Ages: 7+

My review:

Australia’s answer to Diary of a Wimpy Kid is Danny Best. Danny Best: Me First! by Jen Storer is the third outing for dazzling and daring Danny Best, but this is my first experience of the junior fiction series. The downright crazy and hair brained adventures of Danny Best is immortalised in four epic stories.

Jen Storer, best known for her junior fiction series Truly Tan, brings a whole new hero to the block. Danny Best is a determined and young daredevil who loves a challenge. Not only does Danny have to succeed at these challenges, he also has to be the first, or the very best in every goal he sets himself. This time around, Danny contends with a number of high energy feats. From an unusual world record attempt, to outsmarting his annoying older sister, to catching a prized fish and taking out a writing competition, no challenge is too small for Danny!

Danny Best: Me First! is a high octane and wild adventure ride that rolls along at a relentless pace. For those with reluctant readers, like my own Mr 8, this book proved to be the perfect choice. Often contending with longer continuous novels brings about frustration for Mr 8. However, Danny Best seemed to bring out the best in my non reader. He seemed to click with the four short story format of this book. He enjoyed the quiz challenges the followed each different short story. It also helped me gauge his comprehension of the book, in a fun format.

Danny Best is an extremely well formed character. He is larger than life and his energy exudes from every single page of this book. He is the type of boy every six to ten year old would like to be. He is confident, fun and has a wild imagination. Accompanying Danny on his hair raising adventures are a crew of zany friends, Danny’s family members and of course Pugsley the dog. Pugsley soon earned a special place in Mr 8’s heart.

I can see much of the appeal of Danny Best: Me First! is the typical Australian backyard setting of this book, which is the scene for many of Danny’s grand plans. At the opening of the book, readers should take in the wonderfully detailed map of Zig Zag Street, which pinpoints the sites of Danny’s varied adventures. Each of the four adventures in this book are set around the local neighbourhood, the pier and school. Readers will be sure to find a common connection to most, if not all of these familiar places.

Mitch Vane is the very talented illustrator of this junior fiction book. Vane’s illustrations provide a great support to Jen Storer’s text. I found the illustrations to be both varied and original.  Danny Best: Me First! is a very busy and visually stimulating read. Storer and Vane work well as a duo on this text. Together, they have crafted a younger reader’s novel that perfectly captures the intended target audience of their book. They both clearly know what makes young minds tick and the result is a highly engaging text. I hold Danny Best: Me First! responsible for more than a few big hearted laughs in our household!

Danny Best: Me First! by Jen Storer was published on 22nd January 2018 by Harper Collins Books Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of Danny Best: Me First! Jen Storer, visit here.

Danny Best: Me First! is book #11 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge

*I wish to thank Harper Collins Books Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposes.



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