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Over the last few days I have seen blog posts published by two of my favourite bloggers, Theresa Smith Writes and The Book Muse on a great new community campaign called #StellaSpark. Both these bloggers and a handful more across social media sites I follow, have shared the books that have inspired them over the last year. It all forms part of a  new campaign and an offshoot from the lucrative Stella Prize, which aims to showcase the writing of Australian women.

I jumped at the chance to get involved in this wonderful initiative, as I am a passionate advocate for our very talented crop of Australian women writers. If you wish to join me in this campaign and throw your support behind our Australian women writers, all you have to do is share your favourite book (of any genre) that you have read in the last year by an Australian woman.  A brief summary of why you loved this book, along with photos are welcomed. Places to share your book stories and photos can be added to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to add the all important hashtag, #StellaSpark.

I endorse Australian women writers heavily on my blog. I have also found my involvement in The Australian Women’s Writers Challenge as both a participant and an editor, has introduced me to a whole host of Australian women writers. Just taking a look back on my top reads of 2017 list, which I narrowed down to a top 20, 16 authors I selected are Australian women writers. Choosing that one very special #StellaSpark was not an easy process!

So, with no further ado, here is my #StellaSpark:

The Midsummer Garden by Kirsty Manning

midsummer garden

The Midsummer Garden is a book that undoubtedly is my personal #StellaSpark. Before this book was released, it caught my eye, the cover is just divine. When I purchased a copy of this book on release, the dual time frame style narrative, of two places in the world I adore, Tasmania and France, immediately gave me comfort. The settings, in particular the past narrative based in France in the 1400’s, transported me to another world. It was a world I didn’t want to leave, filled with love, cooking and botanical life. This is such a noteworthy debut and since I read this novel back in July last year, it hasn’t left my side.

If my #StellaSpark choice has sparked your interest, read my full review here and my fascinating Q & A with the author of The Midsummer Garden, Kirsty Manning here.

Further information on the #StellaSpark campaign can be found by visiting the website here.

I would love to discover your #StellaSpark, feel free to leave a comment below on your choice.




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