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Book Bingo 2018: Launch Day

I’m looking forward to collaborating with my favourite blogger, Theresa Smith Writes in 2018, for a very fun book related challenge. We have our own a personalised book bingo card game to share with you all, which launches today!

bingo card 2018

So how does it work?  This Saturday marks the launch of our book bingo card plan. Twice a month, on the first and third Saturday of the month, Theresa and I will complete a book review post, outlining our respective bingo card entries. The book bingo card contains a total of 25 squares, which we will complete over the course of the year. To accommodate all the squares, we will be posting additional entries in the months of March and June, this will ensure that we stay on track to complete the book bingo by December. To keep things interesting for ourselves and those following along with us, the choice of bingo square to be covered will be entirely down to us, there is no crossover – that is planned anyway! However, as Theresa and I enjoy similar books, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we end up with a book double up!

If this reading challenge of sorts sparks your interest, I encourage you to play along. Do use our bingo card for some reading inspiration. Don’t forget to let us know about your progress with the card, using the comments section on our blog posts. Fellow bloggers – we would love it if you linked up with us too!

Have fun, happy reading and make sure you visit Theresa Smith Writes for her own introductory #bookbingo welcome post.


12 thoughts on “Book Bingo 2018: Launch Day

  1. Hi Amanda, I have a question: Do you choose one of the bingo book prompts for us every first and third Saturday of the month, which then gives us two weeks to read the book before you choose another bingo book prompt for us? is that correct or have I got it completely wrong?

    Love some of those book prompts and some of the other ones will be a bit of a challenge but fun nonetheless.

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  2. Hi Sue. I’m so pleased you are joining us on the book bingo 2018 challenge. I’m sure you will have fun and in the process, knock off some books from your tbr pile! I agree, I love the book prompts. A few will challenge my reading choices too.

    On your question, you can choose to any one of the bingo squares, – it’s your own personal choice. Just share your review on the first and third Saturday of the month on either the comments section of my blog post entry for the book bingo or on Theresa Smith’s. We decided it was better to choose our own squares, rather than prescribe, to make the challenge more fun and flexible. The first one kicks off on Jan 20th.

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    1. Thanks Amanda, I thought as much I just wanted to make sure. And as I just mentioned in a comment on Theresa’s blog I should have most of the book prompts sorted by tonight. I was going to choose a different one each fortnight but I think it’s best and easier for me to organise the entire list straight off, that way I can organise our reading challenge books (Authors A-Z) with the book bingo challenge as some of the books will cover both challenges, win win, I say.

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      1. Hi Sue, I am amazed by how organised your are in your approach to this challenge! What an inspiration! I’ve padded out a few of the books on my tbr mountain that I think will fit the squares but I’m going to go with the flow and see where my reading mood takes me 🙂 Just link your Goodreads review back to mine and Theresa’s blog in the comments section of our book bingo posts each first and third Saturday. We will receive a ‘pingback’ which alerts us you are participating 🙂

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