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Book Review: The House on Jindalee Lane by Jennie Jones

Title: The House on Jindalee Lanehouse on jindalee small

Author:  Jennie Jones

Published: July 24th 2017

Publisher: Harlequin Books Australia

Pages: 400

Genres:  Fiction, Contemporary, Australian, Rural, Romance

RRP: $29.99

Rating: 4 stars

The launch of the warm and witty new Daughters of Swallow’s Fall series, from the author of the internationally bestselling The House on Burra Burra Lane.

Actress Edie Granger is in a spot of trouble. When a big-time producer threatens to ruin her career—and possibly the rest of her life—she flees to her remote hometown in the Snowy Mountains and opens a Little Theatre to put on her comedy whodunnit Who Shot the Producer.

Childhood friend and ex-Commando Ryan Munroe has returned to Swallow’s Fall to see if there’s a future for him and Edie after their disastrous but unforgettable first and only kiss three years ago. She’s still dazzling, still in love with her career and still out of his reach. He’s about to leave town when he learns that Edie might have trouble on her heels.

Struggling with her growing attraction to Ryan, and torn between her career and a rekindled love for her hometown, Edie focuses on generating her cast and crew from the 182 Swallow’s Fall residents, and producing her play. But when elements from the play start happening for real, the comedy turns dangerous.

Edie is suddenly centre stage in the biggest role of her life.

Can she pull it off? And can Ryan ensure everyone survives to make it to the curtain call? 

My review:

I developed quite an attachment to the writing of Australian author Jennie Jones after seeing her on a romance panel in 2015. Over the last few years, Jennie Jones has gone from strength to strength, with the success of her Swallow’s Fall series. The House on Jindalee Lane is the opener in a new spin off series titled, Daughters of Swallow’s Fall. I found this latest release by Jennie Jones to be a highly entertaining read from start to finish.

Edie Granger returns home to her remote town abode of Swallow’s Fall, nestled in the picturesque Snowy Mountains.  Edie has been forced to flee to her home in order to save what is left of her career as an actress after a well known producer placed threats on her job and life. Edie has decided now is the right time to open a theatre in Swallow’s Fall and stage a production of a play Edie has penned called ‘Who Shot the Producer’.  While Edie finds her life occupied by the play, she also has to contend with her renewed attraction to Ryan Munroe, a childhood friend. Ryan, an ex army commando, has also recently returned to Swallow’s Fall to see if he can regain Edie’s affections. When trouble comes to the tiny town of Swallow’s Fall and infiltrates the play, Edie must garner all the strength she can. That also means she must rely on Ryan to help save her production. It is a question of love, career aspirations, trust, drama, friendship and survival in this heart-warming new tale from Jennie Jones.

The foundation novel in Jennie Jones new Daughters of Swallow’s Fall series was a tender and lively book that I lapped up over a two day period. The joy in this latest release from Jones comes from a number of angles. The stunning Snowy Mountains setting was the first drawcard for me, along with the appealing lead couple, the gentle townsfolk of Swallow’s Fall and the high drama that comes from Edie’s theatre production.

I took an immediate liking to the setting of The House on Jindalee Lane. The Snowy Mountains is one of those regions in Australia that is high on my travel bucket list. Jennie Jones cemented my resolve even further to make it to this stunning part of Australia. Jones is able to bring a strong sense of place to the pages of her novel. I felt enveloped by the wonderful locale and the inhabitants of Swallow’s Fall, through the welcome experience of reading this novel.

Onto the characters that populate The House on Jindalee Lane. For those who are fans of Jennie Jones’ previous novels, this book will make you feel at home character wise. There are some familiar faces that crop up, so it is almost like greeting an old friend in the interactions and dialogue that comes from these characters. All of the residents of Swallow’s Fall that play a part in this latest novel from Jones are endearing. As a collective, they serve to remind us of the wonderful comradely that exists in small towns such as Swallow’s Fall. The leads, Edie and Ryan, are good natured. Ryan quickly gained my affection. Ryan is represented solidly by Jones and she ensures we get a good feel for his background, as well as his personality.  Edie on the other hand is a colourful heroine but her temperament tended to be a little frustrating at times. I will admit that despite my reservations for the character of Edie, I was impressed with her ability to pull of her stage production of ‘Who Shot the Producer’. I also enjoyed Edie and Ryan’s journey to love and happiness, which was peppered with a few hiccups but demonstrates that the road to happy ever after is never easy.

Jones demonstrates that despite the small size and population of Swallow’s Fall, much can happen in this tiny community. Drama and suspense comes from the production of the play and Edie’s producer, who holds a grudge. Love is in the air for past lovers Edie and Ryan. Angst and career indecision comes from the lead, Edie. Humour comes from the entertaining townsfolk of Swallow’s Fall. All in all it is a dazzling production from author Jennie Jones, who once was a part of the theatre way of life but has now traded in her career on the stage for a life of writing. I do hope The House in Jindalee Lane marks the start of an enduring new spin-off series for Jennie Jones.

The House on Jindalee Lane by Jennie Jones was published on July 24th 2017 by Harlequin Books Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

To learn more about the author of The House on Jindalee Lane, Jennie Jones visit here.

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