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Book Review: Where She Went by B.E. Jones

Title: Where She Wentwhere she went

Author: B.E. Jones

Published: February 28th 2017

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Pages: 304

Genres:  Fiction, Crime, Mystery

RRP: $29.99

Rating: 4 stars

TV journalist Melanie Black wakes up one morning next to a man she doesn’t recognise. It’s not the first time – but he ignores her even though she’s in his bed. Yet when his wife walks in with a cup of tea he greets her with a smile and to her horror, Melanie comes to realise that no one can see or her hear her – because she is dead.

But has she woken up next to her murderer? And where is her body? Why is she an invisible and uninvited guest in a house she can’t leave; is she tied to this man forever? Is Melanie being punished in some way, or being given a chance to make amends?

As she begins to piece together the last days of her life and circumstances leading up to her own death it becomes clear she has to make a choice: bring her killer to justice, or wreak her own punishment out to the man who murdered her.

My review:

Where She Went is a psychological thriller, crossed crime novel – with some ghostly elements. It is the story of an ambitious television journalist’s murder and how the killer is eventually brought to justice.

Melanie Black is a television journalist who is used to reporting crimes to her audience. The tables are turned when Melanie finds herself at the front and centre of a terrible crime – her own murder. The nightmare begins when Melanie wakes up in an unfamiliar house, in bed with a strange man. When his wife arrives on the scene and completely ignores Melanie, she soon realises this is no ordinary experience. With all the occupants in this house refusing to acknowledge Melanie’s existence, Melanie makes the horrifying conclusion that she is in fact dead. Now, it is up to Melanie to piece together the circumstances of her death and if someone is responsible, make them accountable for their actions.

Overall, I found Where She Went reminiscent of a well know book I enjoyed some years ago, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Since The Lovely Bones, I have read a couple of books that feature a main protagonist who is dead, narrating and reflecting on the events that lead to their death. It is an intriguing style of storytelling and I will admit this book soon consumed me, as soon as it was lifted from my bookshelf. Where She Went is the type of book you will want to try to read in one sitting. It is fast and intriguing. It will make you want to turn the pages at lightning speed – as you just have to find out what happened to Melanie.

It was an interesting move to place Melanie, a TV journalist, at the centre of her own crime. It added a great spin on the book’s events. Melanie must watch on as her own crime is reported by those she worked with. She also observes, through the progression of her disappearance, the discovery of her body and the hunt for her killer, which is reported by her colleagues. This was a heart wrenching experience and is portrayed well by the author, B.E. Jones.

Where She Went features a colourful cast of complex characters. Melanie was not a particularly likeable character when she lived. However, I found myself sympathising with her the more the book progressed. The prime suspect of Melanie’s death was an odd character, who was despicable in his actions towards others. His suppressed wife offered the reader plenty to ponder on and I found this family’s whole situation very creepy indeed. There are other minor players in the story, such as Melanie’s loved ones left behind and colleagues that contribute evenly to the unfolding story.

In general, I liked the way the plot in Where She Went played out. There was a good plot twist contained within this book that took away from the fact that Melanie’s killer was easy to pick. It was good to have my own theory turned on its head. When the final truth was revealed, although I was shocked a little, I was not entirely surprised by this character’s actions – it was almost justifiable.

Where She Went was a compelling story, about a character hovering over those directly impacted by her death. Part supernatural, part solid crime thriller and part a chilling psychological thriller, Where She Went is one to add to your bookshelves if you like to be completely taken in by a solid murder mystery.

Where She Went by B.E. Jones was published in February 2017 by Hachette Australia. Details on how to purchase the book can be found here.

Learn more about the author of Where She Went, B.E. Jones here.



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