It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 6/2/17


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date .This meme is a great opportunity for book bloggers to showcase their ‘book-ish’ habits for the week. It is a good forum to share books read in the past week, current reads and upcoming reads. It is also a fantastic way to connect with fellow bookworms and add some books to your reading wishlist. Thanks for hosting Book Date!

I took a break from this post last week  as I dealt with the craziness of the first week back at school. My eldest son entered year two, while my youngest son started school for the very first time on Thursday and yes, there were tears from both of us! We are now attempting to settle into some sort of a routine, after our long school summer holiday break!

I have been busy reading and reviewing this past week. I also had a welcome addition in the mail of a review book for Beauty and Lace, which I’m hoping to get stuck into today. I have noticed the shops have had many great new release books to mark the start of a new month, especially in the thriller genre. I had to restrain myself from buying up big the other day!

This week I reviewed three books. One Australian rural romance (my favourite genre), one Australian literary thriller and a thriller crossed mystery/crime based novel. I will leave the links below, along with their rating, should you wish to catch up on these reviews.

Storm and Grace by Kathryn Heyman (4 stars)

Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein (4 stars)

Try Not to Breathe by Holly Sneddon (5 stars)

If you are stopping past this week, I wish to express my gratitude –  thank you and feel free to comment away on anything! Here is my reading breakdown for the week. I hope your week is filled with  some beautiful books!

What I read last week:

puzzle (From my TBR pile)

wayward-heart (From my  TBR pile)

rejoice (Loan)

gifts for our time.jpg (Loan)

What I am currently reading:

capture (Review book courtesy of Beauty & Lace)

What I plan to read next:

hester (From my personal TBR pile)

What I received (or bought) this week:

capture (Review book via Beauty & Lace)

girl-before (Personal purchase)

behind-eyes (Personal purchase)

if-you-knew-her (Personal purchase)

That’s all folks –  have a fantastic reading week! Mrs B 🙂




23 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 6/2/17

  1. Ah yes when a young one starts school it is exciting and scary and kinda sad all rolled into one. The Anna Jacobs books look interesting, whoever lent them to you must like them so hope you do too.

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    1. Thanks for visiting Kathryn and yer you managed to capture all those feelings associated with a child starting school.
      The Anna Jacobs book were nice easy reads, they were loans from my Nan who is a big fan of Anna Jacobs, they both hail from the same area in the UK.


    1. Thank you so much visiting Kathy and for your kind thoughts for my son starting school. He’s already showing improvement in settling in a week into school beginning. I hope you have had a lovely week, full of some great books 🙂


    1. Hi Greg, thanks so much for stopping by. Yes starting school is always a busy time and hard to get back into the swing of things after a great summer holiday! Hope you are well and have had a great week 🙂


    1. Snap! I had seen a lot on both those books around various blogs and Goodreads, so had to get myself a copy as soon as they were released here.These books all seem to be themed the same. I’ll let you know how I go! Hope you have had a great week so far, happy reading and thanks for dropping by 🙂

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  2. I hope all goes well with the school year. I’m sure it would be emotional sending your children of to school when they are so young. It looks like you’ve had an impressive reading week. I hope you have a great week.

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    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts on my little one starting school and the emotions associated with this big change. He seems to have settled more now and I’m hoping it will improve more as at the moment he is doing half days. Thank you – it has been a positive week reading wise. I do hope it has been a good reading week for you also. Thanks for dropping past 🙂


  3. Behind Her Eyes is on my Wishlist, and I bought The Girl Before on Audible (haven’t listened yet).

    It’s a tough adjustment when the kids start school! I actually homeschooled my oldest until she was in Grade 6 and it was still tough!!

    I take it that you live in Australia? I have a question! One of my reading challenges is to read a book by an Australian/NZ author. I love a good mystery. Can you recommend one?

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping past Darlene.

      Do enjoy your copy of The Girl Before, a different experience I would imagine listening to on Audible. Great to hear you are putting Behind Her Eyes on your wishlist, it seems popular at the moment!

      Thanks so much for your understanding on my child starting school for the first time, it’s tough and harrowing for both of us! Wow, homescholling, it seems like it is becoming more and more the option these days, well done for doing it until your oldest was in Grade 6.

      Yes I do live in sunny Australia, though not so sunny and warm we are going through an unusual rainy patch this week in the West anyway! I have a couple of books to recommend mystery wise if you want a good Aussie author. Try Kate Morton – her first book ‘The Shifting Fog’ or it is also titled ‘The House at Riverton’ is excellent. For a classic Australian mystery you could try ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ by Joan Lindsay. I hope that helps and best of luck with your challenge, it sounds great!

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      1. We loved homeschooling!! I would have loved to have continued with it, but my personal circumstances changed and I was unable to do it any longer. My older daughter is in her 4th year of public school now (currently in Grade 9) and has been on the Honour Roll each year 🙂

        Hopefully, it will help your younger son to know that his older brother is there at school with him (I am assuming). For my younger daughter, that made all the difference!

        Thanks so much for your Aussie book recommendations! I very much appreciate it, and I am adding those authors to my list and will look for them at the library.


  4. Oh, I’m waiting on my copy of Behind Her Eyes to come in the mail (hopefully this week). It was my book subscription package pick, and I hope it works for me. You have some great picks here, and they look right up my alley. I think we enjoy some of the same genres and books; I loved Try Not to Breathe, too. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks so much for dropping past Kathy 🙂

      Great news on Behind her Eyes, it seems like it is everywhere at the moment! I’m hoping your copy arrives for you very soon!

      It’s great when you find people who enjoy the same books/genres as you, so glad to hear that. I loved Try Not To Breathe, it had me hooked.

      I hope you have a nice week 🙂


  5. Lots of great books in your stash. I’ve yet to read anything by Anna Jacobs. Must rectify that soon. To Capture What We Cannot Keep is on my wish list.
    That first week of school is always chaotic. I hope things have settled down and that you’re having a great week.

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    1. Hi Yvonne, great to hear from you – I hope you are well and have a positive week reading wise!
      Oh I do hope you enjoy To capture What we Cannot Keep, if you love Paris you will like this one!
      Yes I’m glad to first week for school is done and dusted, we are now starting to slip back into a routine.
      Enjoy the rest of your week and happy reading 😉


  6. Hi Amanda, I’m shocked I haven’t read Anna Jacobs yet, they look like my style of reading so hopefully one day soon one will be sitting on my TBR pile.
    I’ve just finished reading Murder Most Unusual by Michelle Somers. The review is up on Goodreads and I am still reading The Long Paddock, I’m enjoying it a lot. xoxo

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    1. I am shocked you haven’t yet read Anna Jacobs! They seem like the type of books you would enjoy. My Nan and I love them as they are set where she lived in the north in the UK. Not sure if you want to start as she has a huge backlist and lots of books in series too!

      I’ve seen Murder Most Unusual around a few times in the past week. I have to admit I haven’t come acorss the author before. Is this a print or ebook? I will have to check out your review for sure.

      I just treated myself to a copy of The Long Paddock, it looks so good. Great to hear you are enjoying it, you will be finished before I have the chance to start it!

      Just got your messages this morning – I’ll be replying soon xx


  7. I really need to read more Aussie Lit – I miss it and there’s been some really great stuff coming out lately.

    Gosh – starting school for the first time! What a big step! I’m busy planning my daughter’s 3rd birthday party for this weekend (which is why I’m so behind on blogging!!!). I hope it doesn’t rain out her party as this is the first year she’s really been excited.

    I hope you have a great week and are enjoying the new books!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Di.

      I love Aussie Lit – it is my favourite genre, there seems to be more and more great Aussie books coming out, I can’t keep up! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy them too.

      Thanks for your kind thoughts and understanding on my son starting school for the first time. It is a big transition but we are getting there now.

      Wow a 3rd birthday party to plan – how exciting, enjoy the planning as well as the party itself. So many great memories. I do hope you also sneak in some blogging time. Fingers crossed the rain stays away too! Most of all I hope your daughter has a fun time!

      I hope you have had a great week, happy reading and birthday planning!

      Amanda 🙂


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