It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 16/1/17


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date .This meme is a great opportunity for book bloggers to showcase their ‘book-ish’ habits for the week. It is a good forum to share books read in the past week, current reads and upcoming reads. It is also a fantastic way to connect with fellow bookworms and add some books to your reading wishlist. Thanks for hosting Book Date!

As it is still the school summer holidays, most of my week was spent entertaining the kids and trying to keep cool.It has been another mostly warm week. I had a healthy reading week, getting through an impressive total of four books, one of which was a doorstop at 670 pages ! It was well worth the read though and I actually didn’t notice the length once I got stuck into the story!

This week I published three book reviews. If you are interested in catching up on any of my reviews you can find the links below.

A Distant Journey by Di Morrissey (4 stars)

Deception Island by Brynn Kelly (3 stars)

Sunset Shadows by Bronwyn Parry (4 stars)

I’ll leave my reading break down for the week below. Feel free to comment away if you have any thoughts on my books. I hope you have a lovely week filled with great books!

What I read last week:

stars-h (TBR shelf)

sunset-lake (TBR shelf)

matilda.jpg (TBR shelf)

shadow-sister (Loan copy)

What I am currently reading:






(Loan copy)


What I plan to read next:

liberation (Review copy for Beauty & Lace)

What I received this week:

river-night (Review copy courtesy of The Reading Room)

ballroom.jpg (Personal purchase)

other-widow (Personal purchase)

paris-for-one (Personal purchase)

better-son (Personal purchase)

lyrebird.jpg (Personal purchase)

That’s my reading round-up for the week, happy reading! Mrs B 🙂






13 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 16/1/17

  1. I loved The Other Widow! I am curious about The Silence Between Breaths.

    I remember loving those great “door stopper” books…and you are right. When the story is good, you forget about the number of pages.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

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    1. Hi Julia, I’m glad to hear The Ballroom is on your list too, I love the blurb and cover. I read Wake by Anna Hope when it came out a couple of years ago now. I really enjoyed All the Stars in the Heavens, it was the first book I have read by Trigiani. I’m hoping to publish my review this week. I will have to seek out The Shoemaker’s Wife on your recommendation – thank you!

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  2. “The River at Night” was a decent read — a totally different kind of thriller, where Mother Nature is one of the “bad guys,” and I enjoyed the freshness of it. I read one too many thrillers about kidnapped children in 2016!

    I had the forget-it’s-a-doorstopper experience with “The Fireman” by Joe Hill. It’s over 700 pages but I blew through it in four days.

    And “Paris for One”! I can’t believe I somehow haven’t read that yet. I’m slowly working my way through all of Jojo Moyes’ books. The next novel of hers in the queue is “The Last Letter From Your Lover.”

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    1. Hi Lindsay,

      I have heard all good things about The River at Night, thanks for recommending it. It is now at the very top of my large TBR pile!

      Wow, The Fireman does sound like a huge doorstopper at 700 pages! It is always good when a bulky book is so compelling you don’t notice the page length. I’ll have to look into that one.

      I too can’t believe that I have not yet read Paris for One, though I don’t usually enjoy short stories but I’ll make the exception for Jojo Moyes! Enjoy The Last Letter from your Lover, it was a good one 🙂


  3. Four books is great! And Deception Island sounds interesting, I remember seeing that one around. Nice review of that. The Silence Between Breaths looks good too. It’s been cold here and I’m envious of your summer weather. 🙂

    Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks Greg, I’m pretty happy with four books too. Thanks for checking out my review of Deception Island, it was an interesting as well as action packed read. The Silence Between the Breaths was an unsettling but compelling read. I’m still working on my review for that one. I hope you have been keeping warm!


    1. Hi Kathryn, yes four books is a great feat! I’m sure once the holidays end I’ll be back to my usual quota though, so I’m enjoying the moment at present!

      That’s nice to hear you are thinking of listening to The Shadow Sister. It is another amazing journey in this addictive series!

      I used to read Tasmina Perry some years ago and it was nice to pick up a new one. I’ve finished my review of The House on Sunset Lake and hope to have it posted on my blog very soon.

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  4. Reading four books in a week is great, especially during school holidays!
    Lots of interesting titles to add to my TBR pile: The Shadow Sister, The Better Son and The Liberation. When the Lyrebird Calls looks good too. As always, looking forward to your reviews.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Yvonne. The school holidays have been great for reading but once school resumes I’m sure my book count will scale back, so I’m enjoying it for now!
      The Shadow Sister was another excellent instalment in the Seven Sisters series, I highly recommend it.
      The Liberation was a lovely historical fiction novel set in post war Italy,Ii just published my review this morning.
      I hope to get into When The Lyrebird Calls abd The Better Son soon.
      Thanks for supporting my reviews 🙂


  5. Another four books, that’s great, Amanda.
    You read a Tasmina Perry! I’ve been wanting to read her for years. Looking forward to your review of her book. Couple of others there I might add to my to read list as well.

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  6. Thanks Sue, I was pretty pleased with the result of four books completed last week. No dents are visible on my shelves though, as fast as they go, more come in!
    Do you read Tasmina Perry? I used to read her books years ago but I had a bit of a break. It was nice to pick up The House on Sunset Lake. My copy was a loan from my Stepmum. It was a gentle, non demanding read. I’ve finished my review for it and it scheduled to appear on my blog soon if you want to hear my thoughts 🙂


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