It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 5/12/16


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date .This meme is a great opportunity for book bloggers to showcase their ‘book-ish’ habits for the week. It is a good forum to share books read in the past week, current reads and upcoming reads. It is also a fantastic way to connect with fellow bookworms and add some books to your reading wishlist. Thanks for hosting Book Date!

Well December has got off to a great start for me. I kicked off the month with my very first book blog tour (details and links below). I also managed to catch up on some unfinished books that were really bugging me! I am almost up to date with my reviews as well.

I also attended my very last author event of the year. Boy, has it been a great year here in Perth, Western Australia for some fantastic visiting authors! My final event was Australian commercial fiction writer Fiona McIntosh, who I absolutely adore. Fiona was not only very generous with her time, she was also so inspiring, especially to the many budding writers that attended this event. We all got a free specially made chocolate too, which is to celebrate the release of Fiona’s new novel,The Chocolate Tin! I’ll attach some photos below.


Onto my reading journey for the week. I finished an incredible four books but two of these were unfinished books from the last fortnight. It was a big week for buying/gaining books as so many great authors are bringing their books out for Christmas. On the reviewing front I published three reviews, you can find the links here:

The Grazier’s Wife by Barbara Hannay (4.5 stars)

A Chance of Stormy Weather by Tricia Stringer (4 stars)

Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett (4 stars) blog tour stop

If you are reading this I thank you for stopping by my blog. Feel free to comment on my books this week. Below is my reading breakdown. I wish you all a happy reading week!

What I read last week:

stormy-weather (Review copy for Beauty & Lace Book Club)

scared-to-death-cover-ebook-large-1 (ARC copy for blog tour)

mary-k (TBR pile)

miss-p (TBR pile)

Currently reading:

aurora (Goodreads giveaway win)

What I plan to read next:

hoffman (Personal TBR pile)

tapestry (Personal TBR pile)

What I received last week: 

There are far too many books here to list indivudally, so I have combined them this week in one picture! That’s all for this week folks, have a fantastic reading week! Mrs B 🙂



12 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 5/12/16

  1. Sounds like a really nice author event. I haven’t heard of that author. Her books may not be available in the States yet.

    It’s a nice feeling to get caught up on your reading. I still have a way to go and I keep adding books to the pile! Maybe this winter I’ll get more reading done and make a dent in the TBR pile. Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  2. “Miss Peregrine” was a really neat book and I’m excited to watch the movie when it comes out on DVD. I kept meaning to continue the series, but I have yet to get around to book 2.

    What an awesome book haul you had this week! “The Woman in Cabin 10” is high up on my to-read list.

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  3. Hi Amanda,

    Gosh, I’ve left commenting on here again until the last minute, can’t believe it’s Sunday already and tomorrow you’ll have another Book Date Blog up again, oh, if time only stood still for a little while!

    Yes, let’s hope that next year is another fantastic year of great author events! I’ve already left myself a note ready for next year to check out all websites that organise author events.

    I can’t wait for your review of the Alice Hoffman book (as you know it’s on my shelf) and of Tapestry. I’ve now added that one to my list of books to be read by Fiona, initially it was not added as it’s not part of the historical romantic – adventure books but damn, Tapestry sounds so good.

    Ooh, you’ve got a Paolo Coelho book on your pile. I love his books, have read three so far and have enjoyed them all immensely. If you like his books, Amanda, I’d recommend reading By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept and Veronica Decides to Die. Loved them! The Alchemist is good too.

    Love your book photo – the first five are on my list but as you know I won’t get to them for a while but at leat they’re written down! The other four I have not heard of but am very interested in The German Girl.

    Now to your questions from your last Book Date: You must be enjoying your time off now that school is finished for you and your son?
    Didn’t buy much at the markets except for some yum healthy snacks and cakes and Steven bought himself a leather belt but it was fun walking around all the stalls.
    I’ve only got Steven, April and son-in-law to buy Christmas presents for and their easy peasy and I enjoy buying for them.
    I’m down to 48 of my stack of 50 but it’s not helping that I borrowed a book from the library the other day. I do have an excuse I’ve been reading The Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch and the 5th one in the series in regular print is missing and the library only had one copy left in large print and as I was attending the book club where the copy was I thought I must grab it before it goes missing too. Lol. And for book club we are all reading Reckoning by Magda Szubanski – I’ll start that some time in January.

    Oh no, I thought Pretty Baby was Mary Kubica’s first book, so I won’t be starting that one until I find or borrow The Good Girl. Really? You enjoy reading Tudor history – I’ve never read anything from that time period before. It could be interesting. I think Alison Stuart writes from that time period, have always wanted to try one of her books…one day!

    I never turn to Danielle Steel for a light read, a quick one yes but not light. I find all her books controversial, significant and powerful. I have a weakness for those types of stories and steer towards them.

    I’ve only read two Cathy Kelly books, Amanda. I enjoyed the two I read so at every book fair I would collect her books for future reading.

    So glad you’re a fan of Harlan Coben, his books are amazing!!! One of the best thrillers I’ve ever read was Tell No One by Harlan Coben – hope you get to read it one day.

    Hope your weekend was fantastic and you were able to read heaps. Xoxo

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    1. Hi Sue

      Thanks for your reply yesterday to my Monday for 5/12 🙂 Time seems to be flying past, Christmas is so near!

      I like your plans for 2017 – what a good idea to keep a check on the right places for the author events. I’m so looking forward to 2017 as 2016 was a fantastic year for author visits. I already have Alli Sinclair to look forward to in July and hopefully I will get a chance to meet up with her personally. I’m hoping to catch up with her either before or after the event.

      I’ve just left a comment for you on my Tapestry review, in a nutshell – you must read it, even though it’s slightly different to her usual historical fiction books. I never got around to reading the Alice Hoffman book, so for now it stays on my TBR shelves!

      I’m looking forward to reading the Paulo Coelho book, it sounds great and i just love his prose, there is someting very lyrical about the way he writes. I read his book Adultery a couple of years ago and loved it. I went on to read Veronika Decides to Die and The Alchemist. I will have to try more at some point, there are two of his books you mentioned I will seek out.

      On my incoming book photo – glad you put some on your list. There are way too many good books being released in time for xmas, I just can’t keep up. I’ve resorted to piling books on the floor next to my bookshelf! I’m keen to get to The German Girl too, the cover is stunning!

      Thanks for asking about my time off. As I work in a public school we are still teaching for almost another week. I traded off this Friday by staying extra for staff meetings and training. My last teaching day is Wednesday. My son attends a private school and he finished last Friday. So he’s being shipped off to his Nanna for the day while I work! Holidays are so very close for me, I’m starting to wind down now and eagerly anticipating more reading time.

      The markets you described sound lovely, there are always such great homemade things to try, the cakes and snacks would have been yummy! I’m glad you had a nice time wandering around the stalls.

      It also sounds like you have your xmas shopping under control. It’s good to hear you enjoy shopping for your family members 🙂

      Good news the 50 book pile has been reduced by two! I haven’t heard of the Rivers of London series, I will watch out for an update on Goodreads. Funny you should mention the Magda Szubanski book, I picked up a copy at the op shop for $2 last week. Maybe I will read along with your book group in January!

      Sorry to deliver the news that Pretty Baby wasn’t the first book written by Mary Kubica! I hope you manage to find a copy of The Good Girl soon!

      Tudor history is my favourite time period. At one stage it as the only genre I would read. I’ve exhausted the books by Philippa Gregory, Suzannah Dunn and many of Jean Plaidy’s books. My interest in this era went through the roof when my husband and I toured Europe/UK in 2008/9. I haven’t read Alison Stuart but will make a note to check her out.

      I agree Danielle Steel does write pwerful and controverisal, issue based stories. I find her very readable and seem to whip through her books at a fast pace.

      I’m glad to hear you have a nice Cathy Kelly collection.It’s great to pick up authors you like at book fairs for future reading. I haven’t read that many of Cathy Kelly’s books either. I do need to search out her earlier works as I only seem to have read her recent releases.

      I’m putting Tell No One by Harlan Coben on my list to search for. I’ve been lucky to find a few of his books in the op shops since I read Home. Again they are going on that mountain TBR pile!

      I hope you had a lovely weekend, I saw you had a nice festive dinner with your family from your pics on Facebook. I hope you had a great time together. I do hope the rest of your weekend was relaxing too, filled with good books!

      I managed to finish off The Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz Sunday afternoon/evening. Sunday I got up at 3am to do my final book market for the year, despite the early start it was a fun market. Saturday was spent Christmas shopping and cleaning!

      Amanda xx


      1. That will be wonderful for you to meet up with Alli Sinclair, she’s lovely. We private message each other every so often, she’s even invited hubby and I to stay at her place after the ARRA but I’m not sure if we can afford to go as I’m helping a friend out financially who is bedridden with CRPS (also known as the suicide disease), but if we do go the only way we might be able to afford it is by taking the caravan and we’ll stay in a caravan park in Melbourne and Geelong. Should be fun cos I love my caravan.

        Oh, and I was so looking forward to your review of the Alice Hoffman book, I might beat you to reading it, lol.
        Have already read your comment on your Tapestry review and I will most definitely read Tapestry. I’ll reply back after I’ve finished here.

        Only one of the three books I mentioned you haven’t read, Amanda, you said you’ve read Veronika Decides to Die and The Alchemist. So it’s just By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept you need to find. It’s a long title. Paulo Coelho books are similar to self-help books only in fiction style. Love ’em! I’m going to look for Adultery.

        What’s left of my 50 books on the floor have now made it’s way to my coffee table, it’s piled high and looks ridiculous, hopefully now it will make me read faster to get rid of the comical look. Lol.

        Yes, so many new releases. Sometimes I wish our Aussie authors released one book a year and not two. I can’t keep up either. Maybe once I’ve read all the books I’ve collected over the last 10 years I might not find it so hard to read the new ones being released, but then again those new releases will be old so that’s not going to work, bahahaha. I’m doomed!

        I’m not really enjoying the Rivers of London, I find it a little boring, an author said that she didn’t find them boring just complex, but nope, to me they’re actually boring. I’m only reading them cos I can’t stand not continuing once I’ve started a series.

        Ooh, I bet you’re going to love your time off! Can’t wait to hear about all the books you get to read.

        That is marvellous that you found Magda’s book for $2. I can let you know when I start reading it and we can read it at the same time that’s if you’re not reading a whole heap at that time. Hehehe.

        I found Mary Kubica’s third book but Salvos had it marked for $6 I thought it was a bit steep for a used book from Salvos even though $6 is cheap, maybe I should pick it up next time I’m in there, if it’s still available.

        Oh wow, you’ve been to Europe and the UK! Awesome! I’ve heard of Philippa Gregory but not the other two you mentioned. There are always quite a few of her books at the book fair. And another wow, really, Tudor was the only genre you read? And look at you now you read more eclectic books than I do/have.

        Yes, we had a lovely time at the German Club which is really more like a restaurant than a club. It’s only a one minute drive from my place. It was a relaxing weekend but not much reading gets done when hubby is home unless he has building work to do outside.

        I’d love to sell all my books at a market stall but a 3 am start is a big no-no for me, lol. I was thinking instead of giving my books to the Book Fair I really should sell them as I just found out they get put through a shredder because they have no where to store the many that come through. I’m better off making some money out of my books to fund my book buying and I get to support my fave Aussie authors.

        Hmm, not sure I’ve heard of Anthony Horowitz, maybe his name is a little familiar but I have no clue what he writes.

        Oh no, another long comment, it was only supposed to have been short. Sorry, Amanda. Now onto commenting back on Tapestry and Mondays Book Date.

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  4. Hi Sue, seems I haven’ replied back to this one – sorry!

    It’s so great to hear you are close with Alli Sinclair. She is very gracious and I have enjoyed my interactions with her via Facebook and messenger. I do hope you manage to get to the ARRA, it would be my dream! You are very lucky to have the caravan on hand. That’s very kind of you to help out a friend financially when times are tough.

    I think you will beat me to the Alice Hoffman book, it’s fallen on the wayside. I have two of her books on my sagging bookshelves! I’m keen to hear what you think.

    Glad to hear you will be reading Tapestry – I’m sure you will love it, as I did!

    I will be sure to keep my eye out for the two Paulo Coelho books on my op shops travels (I have quite an addiction and we have plenty in my suburb!). I love his style of writing, it always holds such meaning. I do hope you find Adultery, I read it in one sitting!

    I had a good laugh at your 50 pile – coffee table! You must take a pic and share!

    I wish the Aussie authors would slow down and release one a year! I too can’t keep up.There are just so many good debut Aussie authors too – think Elise McCune and Vanessa Carnevale, just to name a few I’ve loved. I agree we are doomed!

    Well done for persisting with Rivers of London. I would have abandoned it, I hate doing it but sometimes there are just too many good books and not enough time!

    I was very pleased with my op shop $2 find for Magda’s book. As it was Salvos I also got points on my clubcard too, so winning all the way! I’m keen to join in your reading so let me know when you start this book 🙂

    $6 is a bit steep for the Mary Kubica book – I’ve noticed since my op shop addiction began prices on books have slowly crept up, especially for new releases. I use my points on my salvos card if I want a more expensive book. I hope it is still there if you decide to go back for it.

    Yes the Europe and UK trip was so good but many moons ago before kids! My Dad was living in the UK at the time when we went so we stayed with him and my best friend. I have a big interest in the history of the royal family and castles so this trip was heaven! I still find it funny to look back on how my reading tastes have changed to only wanting to read Tudor or historical fiction. My reading lifechanger was my market stall – meeting people who recommend so many different books. My reviewing also helped me try and appreciate different books. If you are interested in Tudor history or the War of the Roses, I highly recommend Phillipa Gregory, her books are very accessible.

    The German Club sounds wonderful, so close to home too. I know the feeling of not getting much done when hubby is around!

    Selling your books is a good idea, you could find other ways instead of my crazy one getting up at 3am! Facebook buy and sell or gumtree? I sell mine to fund my addiction, all my money usually does on new books, or dresses – my other weakness!

    Anthony Horowitz is the writer for the TV series Foyles War. I really enjoyed Magpie Murders, it was a two books in one type read. I’ll post my review soon and you can see what you think.

    Well I think I’ve replied back to everything mentioned, I hope you had a nice weekend. xx


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