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Book Review: Love Elimination by Sarah Gates


Book blurb:

Love Elimination might be a hit new reality dating show, but Anna Hobbs isn’t in it for love. Coerced onto the show by her sister, a producer, Anna is a reluctant fill in. Anna dreams of owning her own dessert café; a dream that has taken years of hard work and strict saving. She knows reality TV is a big, manipulated lie — and gorgeous leading man Luke Westwood can’t possibly be for real. Can he?

Olympian snowboarder Luke Westwood thought he had retired from competition. Now he’s starring in the cutthroat world of Love Elimination, with twelve beautiful women vying for his attention against the backdrop of a tropical paradise.  With cameras in every corner, why is it only Anna — careful Anna with her bills and budgets — who Luke feels he can be himself with, at long last?

All Anna wants is a quick elimination, but with each date she is more reluctant to relinquish Luke to the conniving contestants — or even to the women who are starting to become friends. It doesn’t help when Luke insists on using the limitless television budget to indulge her heart’s desires. Or that the moments they’ve stolen, alone and away from the cameras, have sizzled with passion. As the dates wear on the evictions become more brutal and the contestants’ secrets are exposed. Will the pressure get too much? Or will love close in on Luke and Anna?

My review: 

Do you have a weakness for reality dating television shows such as Married At First Sight, Beauty and the Geek and The Bachelor/Bachelorette series? Sarah Gates is an upcoming debut author, who takes a behind the scenes glimpse at a fictional Australian reality series titled, Love Elimination.

Anna Hobbs longs to make her dream of owning her own cafe a reality. An opportunity to do this comes in the form of a proposal issued to Anna by her sister, who works as a producer on a television series called Love Elimination. Anna’s sister is in desperate need of a particular image to fill the gap in the program, a girl next door. Anna agrees to help her sister out, becoming the final contestant on Love Elimination. All Anna has to do is play the part to get her all important cheque, which will kickstart her cafe dream. However, what Anna does not bank on is falling for the leading man, the charming professional snowboarder Luke Westwood. Luke also feels the attraction and wonders why Anna is playing hard to get. Anna ends up staying longer on the show than she ever would have anticipated and the lure of the much need cash injection to her business, results in more than one broken heart.

This week I was in need of a light and fluffy romance, so I turned to Love Elimination, a book that came highly recommend to me by a friend. It certainly slotted into my reading expectations very easily and ended up being a surprisingly entertaining novel. I wasn’t too sure if Love Elimination was going to be my cup of tea, as I am not a fan of reality dating shows or any kind of reality show. Gates ensures that this isn’t just a novel that follows a set up and fast paced style romance. Rather, it gives the reader a thorough look into the interesting production process of a reality show set in Australia.

Love Elimination also puts the spotlight on the main players, Luke and Anna’s feelings.  As the show progresses, both their feelings get a real shake up. Anna in particular has mixed feelings during much of the novel. Gates takes this opportunity to highlight the clash between Anna’s desires in love and her personal motivation for her business enterprise.  Anna and Luke are supported by a colourful set of secondary characters. These include Kate, Anna’s producer sister, Anna’s best friend Ben and the other contestants on the show vying for Luke’s heart. This is a novel that held my interest from the get go, to the epilogue. When I reached the conclusion I felt elated, uplifted and genuinely happy with how it all panned out.

I am sure there are exciting things ahead for Sarah Gates, if Love Elimination is anything to go by. This book is the ideal read for romance enthusiasts, chick lit fans and rural romance fiends, such as myself!


Love Elimination by Sarah Gates was published in July 2016, by Harlequin Books Australia.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Love Elimination by Sarah Gates

  1. I’m with you, Amanda, I’m not a fan of reality TV either but I think reading these types of books are far more interesting than watching a reality show. So it’s, oh boy, another one to add to my list. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad to hear you are with me on the reality TV fixation! Sarah Gates makes reality TV look far more interesting in her book and I loved her characters! Another great book to try that reminds me of Love Elimination is Marilyn Forsyth’s A Farmer’s Perfect Match. Have you read it? Enjoy this one and thanks for adding to your list after reading my review!


    1. Funny you should mention Marilyn’s book, Amanda. I haven’t read it yet but it’s sitting pretty on my shelf after I won it commenting on a blog.


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