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Book Review: After the Fall by Carissa Lusk


Book blurb:

Amity cries out into the darkness that surrounds her, hoping for a solitary voice to provide direction; she hears two.

Amity knows she loves Alexander, yet the loneliness brought on by the miles that separate them can only be curbed by the cryptic affection of Marcus Riley. She can’t understand the strange familiarity she finds in the wild blue of Marcus’s eyes, but she will soon learn his secret.

Plagued with dreams and memories of lives beyond her own, a tragic fate will emerge from the ashes of a love scorned. Eventually, she will discover the dark truth that will leave her running for her life, and she will learn who sacrificed everything to save it.

My review:

I have read only a little of the new adult/ paranormal-romance genre. In fact, my repertoire of material read in this genre really only extends to Stephanie Meyer books. I was a little apprehensive about reading and reviewing After the Fall, as I am not a big fan of the genre this book falls into. Thankfully, author Carissa Lusk put my misgivings aside and thoroughly entertained me with her first novel, After the Fall.

Amity is the central character in After the Fall. She is a college student, who has recently been separated from her high school sweetheart and soul mate Alex, due to their different study paths. When Amity walks into a creative writing course at her college, she feels an instant magnetic pull to another student, Marcus. As Amity wrestles with her loyalty to her long time boyfriend Alex, as well as her growing affection for newcomer Marcus, she begins to have strange dreams. These dreams hold memories of events in the past, that affect Amity deeply. Added to the angst of this complicated love triangle that is set up between Amity, Alex and Marcus, is a paranormal mystery surrounding Amity and the dreams that haunt her.

After the Fall is a novel that took me out of my comfort zone of usual reading fare and I am glad to have taken the plunge. I found this novel a refreshing change and I enjoyed being provided with an opportunity to shake up my reading habits! Beneath this romance focussed story, is an interesting take on the paranormal. Lusk does a fine job of setting the scene for her reader. I felt like I was given an adequate picture of each character but I wasn’t entirely sure on their motivations, which definitely added to the mystery side of the novel. The novel is written in first person style, providing good insight into Amity and her mindset. Readers will find that Amity is a character who is easy to connect to, I found myself pondering on who I would choose if I was faced with her love triangle situation. In terms of pacing, readers may find the first half a little slower than the second half of the novel.  Lusk uses this section of the novel to work on scene setting, character building and narrative speculation. The latter part of the novel is where the After the Fall picks up momentum and there are a few twists thrown in for good measure. After the Fall’s finale provides an explanation to the central mystery of the novel and the romance is also nicely tied up.

After the Fall is a fine effort for a debut novelist. I would not hesitate to recommend this novel to readers of the paranormal, romance or new adult genre.


After the Fall by Carissa Lusk was published on July 8th 2016. Details on how to purchase a copy of this ebook can be found here.

*With thanks to the author Carissa Lusk for providing a copy of this ebook for review purposes.



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