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Book Review: The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster


Book blurb:

Lily is a producer on a successful cooking segment for a daily morning show. The new chef has just arrived on set and he is drop dead gorgeous. And despite everything – the sabbatical that Lily and her flatmate Simone are taking from men, the fact that Jack is a work colleague – Lily falls head over heels for him.

And while Lily battles her feelings, her flatmate Simone breaks their pact and starts dating some guy from her wholefoods shop. That guy turns out to be Jack. Up close, Lily bravely watches on as romance blossoms between Simone and Jack. Or does it? They don’t seem to have much in common, apart from their striking good looks. And Lily and Jack just seem to get each other. Is that the same thing as falling in love? And could she ever dream of betraying a friendship? Lily has to make some difficult decisions about work and home, and realises that if she doesn’t take life by the scruff of the neck, she is the one who’ll be picked up, shaken and dumped.

3.5 stars

My review:

Zoe Foster’s fourth novel, The Wrong Girl recently caught my attention when an Australian television network Ten, adapted it into a television series. I have had The Wrong Girl sitting on my bookshelves since it was released in 2014. As I dislike watching television or film productions of a book I haven’t read yet, I thought now was the perfect opportunity to dust this book off my shelves.

The Wrong Girl is the quintessential chick-lit novel, with a distinct Australian flavour. It takes the reader into the life of Lily Woodward, a young woman nearing thirty and seriously contemplating the lack of achievement in her life to-date. Lily works hard on a daily morning television show, as a successful producer on a cooking segment. She has itchy feet and longs for a promotion. Her career and love life is thrown a curveball when a new chef Jack starts to work closely with Lily. Despite initially rubbing Lily up the wrong way, she soon finds herself connecting with Jack. When Jack dates her flatmate, bikini model Simone, things get complicated for Lily.  She does not want to entertain a relationship as she is undergoing a strict ‘guy detox’. This is a pact Lily has vowed to stick by for six months, after a less than successful coupling attempt with her friend Pete. However, her attraction for Jack may sway her man-cleanse but her friendship with Simone and her professional working relationship with Jack also stands in the way.

I used to lap up any chick-lit novel that came my way back in my late teens and early twenties but as I have matured and my life situation has changed, I rarely read novels such as The Wrong Girl. I actually really enjoyed being taken into the life as a singledom in current day Australia. Foster highlights the ins and outs of living the life as a single girl in Australia, complete with career doubts and life choices, through her main character Lily. What I also liked about The Wrong Girl is that it was not simply a book that focussed on romance. It is a book that looks at our current generation’s experience at navigating life as single woman. This is as much about the choices Lily’s faces and her career issues, as much as it is about her love life. What I also liked about The Wrong Girl is that it isn’t a completely fluffy hearts and rainbows style tale. It does take a look at some series issues, such as flatmate Simone’s lifestyle and resulting addiction issues. Balanced with these more serious issues, is the overall light-hearted tone of the novel. The dialogue in particular, has an honest and friendly tone, with more than few moments of good humour thrown in the mix. Finally, what I also enjoyed most about reading The Wrong Girl, was the Australian city setting. Blake uses The Wrong Girl’s setting to showcase many areas readers will be familiar with, such as Bondi and the city of Sydney itself.

The Wrong Girl is an enjoyable novel that will be sure to have you laughing at this modern day take on romance and life choices. It is an easy to read book, with a delightful cast of characters, led by an endearing protagonist Lily, who you just can’t help but cheer on.

The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster was published in 2014 by Penguin Books Australia




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