It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 3/10/16

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date .This meme is a great opportunity for book bloggers to showcase their ‘book-ish’ habits for the week. It is a good forum to share books read in the past week, current reads and upcoming reads. It is also a fantastic way to connect with fellow bookworms and add some books to your reading wishlist. Thanks for hosting Book Date!

Welcome to October. I hope the new month is treating you well so far. It has been a really great week for me here at Mrs B’s Book Reviews. The school holidays have allowed me to read lots (mostly at night when the kids are asleep). This week I read a total of five books! I also published four reviews on my blog this week, which is probably a record for me! If you would like to check out any of these reviews please find the links here:

Madeline House by Maggie Christensen

Goodwood by Holly Throsby

Watching Edie by Camilla Way

The Peppercorn Project by Nicki Edwards

On other reading and book related pursuits, I also attended a local author talk given by Graeme Simsion of The Rosie Project fame. He was interviewed by fellow author Natasha Lester, who really brought out the very best in Graeme! Graeme Simsion was such a delight and I think I had a smile on my face the entire time Graeme was on stage, just brilliant! Since the event I couldn’t resist reading his new book, The Best of Adam Sharp, which was a fantastic novel. Watch this space for an upcoming review if you are interested in the writing of the very talented Mr Simsion. I’ve included a picture collage of some of my favourite photos from the night.


I hope you all have a lovely week. I’m looking forward to another great reading week due to the extra time awarded to me through the school holidays. If you are reading this, I thank you for stopping by. Please say hi and feel free to comment on my reading journey. My wrap up on my reading this week looks like this:

What I read last week:

corn-2 (From my personal TBR pile)

wattle-creek (From my personal TBR pile)

standing-strong (From my personal TBR pile)

adam-sharp (Author event read)

chateau (Review read for The Reading Room/Echo Publishing)

What I am currently reading:


What I plan to read next:

small-great (ARC from The Reading Room/Allen & Unwin –  I didn’t get to it  last week 😦 )

lock (Review copy for Beauty & Lace)

Thanks for stopping by – have a great week! Mrs B 🙂






17 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 3/10/16

  1. Keen to see what you think of Small Great Things. I enjoyed i but can’t decide if it felt a bit preachy at the end.

    And I watched The Wrong Girl on TV recently and had to look back at my review when the book was released to remind myself what it was about. I think the show seems to be pretty different though.

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    1. Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by earlier. I must get into Small Great Things very soon. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed in on the whole. I agree sometimes her books do have a preachy tone. I found this was the case with one of her books I recently read ‘Sing You Home’.

      I haven;t watched The Wrong Girl yet, I’m going to enjoy the book first. It will be interesting to compare the TV series to the book as they sound quite different.

      Have a great week!


  2. You might want to check your spam folder for my previous comment. I changed to FB for signing in to avoid another lost comment.

    I loved Watching Edie, and I’m now reading Small Great Things. I’m curious about The Wrong Girl. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

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    1. So sorry about the lost comment Laurel. Thanks for taking the time to re-do the comment.

      I’m glad you loved Watching Edie like myself. It’s great to find like minded readers. I must get onto Small Great Things as I’m hoping it have it read and reviewed for 12th Oct which is its release date.

      The Wrong Girl is my current read, very Australian chick lit stylee. They have just turned it into a TV series which is why I’m curious to read it!

      Enjoy the rest of your week and happy reading 🙂


  3. Wow five books. And I am seriously envious! Graeme Simsion and Natasha Lester together. I loved her book this year and enjoyed the Rosie project books. I see he has a new one out as well but haven’t got near it yet.

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    1. Thanks for checking in Kathryn. Yes I too was pleased with my five books last week. An awful weekend weather wise here helped. I’m also a fast reader when I’m given the time without distractions!
      I saw Natasha Lester with Rachael Johns a few months ago, not long after her most recent book was released. I still haven’t read it yet but would love to make room. My autographed copies tend to linger for while until I get to them as I figure no rush.
      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the Rosie books, I did too. I would recommend his new one, The Best of Adam Sharp. I’m hoping to post my review up in a few days time so check back in if you are interested 🙂
      Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂


    1. Hi Yvonne, thanks for popping by. That’s great to hear you also have a review copy of The Locksmith’s Daughter. I am keen to hear your thoughts. I have also read the Brewers Tale last year by Karen Brooks. I enjoyed it 🙂
      Enjoy the rest of your week an happy reading 😉

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  4. I love author events and that one looks like a lot of fun. I’ve heard the Rosie Project was quite good! Glad you got lots of reading time, and 5 books is awesome! The Locksmith’s Daughter looks interesting…

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    1. Thanks for poping by Greg. It sounds like you enjoy author events too. They are such fun and it gives you anther side to the author. Graeme Simsion was a delight, so funny! If you get a chance I would recommend reading The Rosie Project. I am currently reading The Lockmsith’s Daughter, an interesting historical fiction title.
      Enjoy the rest of your week!


  5. No way! Five books in one week. Now that’s impressive! I’m lucky if I can get two in, and I don’t work! Or have kids at home! Lol. Ahem, I think maybe, just maybe that could have something to do with too much Facebooking.

    I’m yet to read The Rosie Project. Hoping to find that and his other one at the Book Fair as well. I so do enjoy Fiona McCallum – it’s been two years since I’ve read one of her books – and that was Wattle Creek, might have to reread before I start Standing Strong. I have all of her books except Paycheque but I have read it.

    Loved Zoe Foster’s debut book Air Kisses – such a light, fun read. I must find her other books following Air Kisses. I was surprised when I heard she’d married Hamish Blake and even more surprised she lived in Bundanoon. Not too far from our place – great picnic spots up that way.

    I haven’t heard of Sarah Ridout or of Karen Brooks. Must investigate.

    I’m about to start reading The Dressmaker. Loved, loved the movie. And I’m also reading Lethal in Love. I adore any type of crime fiction, it’s my favourite genre of all.

    Will reply here on the question you asked from the previous Book Date. Yes I have read Charlotte Nash. I read her debut novel Ryders Ridge. Enjoyed the story very much but wasn’t keen reading the negative references towards the grey nomads. So I haven’t read another one since.

    You’ve certainly read quite a few Jodi Picoult books. I’ll keep my eye out for The Storyteller.

    Most definitely will post pics of the books I buy from the Book Fair and not long after once all my rural romance books are arranged on my special bookshelf then too I will post a pic for you to see! Xoxo


    1. Hi Sue – lovely to hear from you xx

      Yes pretty impressive week – with five week books done and dusted! I am a very fast reader and once I am in the grove with no distractions I seem to whizz through them. The terrible weather here in Perth over the weekend also played a part, hubby entertained the kids for me while I was busy reading/reviewing. I understand with Facebook being a distraction from reading. I also find Instagram a distraction too – I’m not sure if you are on that? I haven’t ventured into Twitter as I have a bad feeling it will also distract me from my reading!

      The Rosie Project – you must read it. It was one of the few books our book club all agreed one as being a good read! I hope you find his books at the book fair. I’m glad to hear you enjoy Fiona McCallum. I loved The Button Jar series – did you? Standing Strong was good I’m hoping to put my review up soon. Paycheque was a great read about horses, a bit like Leap of Faith.

      I haven’t read anything by Zoe Foster-Blake before. The TV series prompted me to grab my copy of The Wrong Girl, which I have had sitting in my collection for a couple of years and I finally decided to read it. I am almost finished, it is very Aussie chick lit! I must check out Air Kisses now you have mentioned it. How interesting to hear she lives so closeby. It sounds like a beautiful area scenery wise 🙂

      I have read Karen Brooks before, I would recommend if you enjoy historical fiction. I really enjoyed her last book, The Brewers Tale. Sarah Ridout is a debut author. I really loved Le Chateau – very atmospheric and the setting in France just took me right back there (we visited last year and in 2010).
      Watch for my review, I’m planning on working on it tonight.

      I haven’t heard of Lethal in Love. I must look it up if you loved it. Crime Fiction is a genre that is starting to grow on me. My Stepmum is a big fan and passes on her books of this genre onto me.
      I adored The Dressmaker movie, actually more than the book, which happens very rarely!

      I did enjoy Ryders Ridge. I can’t remember the references to grey nomads – that’s no good ;-(

      I have read a few Jodi Picoult! I have few sitting on my toppling TBR shelf! I hope you manage to read The Storyteller one day. I am going to see Jodi too when she is in Perth next month! Very exciting!

      Looking forward to those book fair pics coming soon and the special bookshelf too!



      1. Hi Amanda,

        No I’m not on Instagram and I think I’ll keep away too, lol. I haven’t read the Button Jar series yet. I’m hoping to get to them soon.

        I do enjoy reading historical fiction if they’re set in Australia. I love the ones Patricia Shaw and Judy Nunn write.

        Lethal in Love is written by Michelle Somers. And she’s well known to many authors, e.g., Alli Sinclair, Helene Young, Sandy Curtis. I for sure thought you would’ve heard of her. Her book at the moment is only digital. I’m half way through and love it so much.

        I guess I noticed the references in Ryders Ridge because we caravan a lot.

        Pics coming tomorrow. You should see my stash from yesterday. I got very lucky. Hoping the ones I saw today will still be there tomorrow – my fingers are crossed. Tomorrow is a special day, at 3 p.m. they announce the $15 bag deal. You can fill your bag to the brim and only pay the said amount.


    1. Thanks for popping by Di, it has been a great week for reading and reviews, thanks for your wishes 🙂

      I agree – The Locksmith’s Daughter does have a striking cover. I am currently reading it and so far it is a very interesting historical fiction title.

      I hope your week is also going well on the reading/reviewing front 🙂


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