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Book Review: Hotel du Barry by Lesley Truffle

h barry

Book blurb: Heartbreak, joy and nefarious doings at London’s luxurious HOTEL DU BARRY. A book for lovers of fine gin, murderous impulses and writing of the ilk of Jonas Jonasson. When a laughing baby is found amongst the Hotel du Barry’s billowing sheets, tucked up in an expensive pair of ladies’ bloomers and neatly pegged to the laundry line, the hotel staff resolve to keep the child. The hotel’s owner, Daniel du Barry, still mourning the loss of his lover in an automobile accident, adopts the little girl, names her after his favourite champagne and seeks consolation in fatherhood. Cat du Barry grows up beloved by both hotel staff and guests, equally at home in the ninth-floor premium suite as she is in the labyrinth below stairs. Years later when Daniel du Barry dies in sinister circumstances, Cat determines to solve the mystery with the assistance of her extended hotel family. From hotel detective to roguish Irish gigolo, from compassionate housekeeper to foxy chamber maid, each will play their wicked part in this novel that will charm, amuse and delight.

3 stars

Hotel du Barry is a novel that I found entertaining. It was filled with both whimsical scenes and characters that are larger than life. Cat, the heroine of the story, is a full-bodied character and I thought her interesting start to life – being discovered on a hotel washing line, was highly original. I did enjoy reading about the era, the 1930’s, and the setting, a posh London Hotel. Truffle has the right dose of period detail to make her reader feel like they are a guest at the renowned Hotel du Barry. A dash of mystery and a subtle sprinkling of the supernatural also rounds up this novel nicely.

Hotel du Barry is a novel I liked for being completely unique. I admired the satire, the obscure characterisation and depiction of the upstairs versus downstairs life in a sumptuous hotel. Hotel du Barry has a bit of something for everyone – history, romance, mystery and bold characters.

Hotel du Barry was published in 2016 by Harper Collins Australia.



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